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Gaslamp Pet Parade with Munchkin

December 16th, 2010 · 1 Comment

December 12, 2010. This year i attended the 3rd annual Gaslamp Pet Parade.  My friend told me that i should enter Munchkin, my miniature yorkie, in the cutest critter competition.  They also had other categories; Best Costume, Best Costume Duo, and Best in Show.  I thought about entering Munchkin in the Best Costume category using her costume from a couple years ago when she won a costume contest and had a full page picture in the San Diego Union Tribune. See below.

Full page picture in the San Diego Union Tribune

However, she could not walk in the parade with this box over her back so i decided to dress her up as an elf and have my girlfriend dress up as Santa so Munchkin would be santas little helper.   Unfortunately, i couldnt enter her in more than one category so i decided to go with Cutest Critter; i mean, just look at her face!

Santa's Little Helper Elf Costume, $39

 The parade started on 4th and K street and wrapped around Market street and back down 5th.  I’d say the walk was about a mile long, possible longer.  Most pets were carried or pulled in wagons and strollers.  However, Munchkin walked the entire parade and loved all the attention.  She attracted quite a crowd that follwed her in the parade and took pictures of her.  The mile long walk ended up taking almost an hour because of all Munchkins fans that wanted to take pictures with her and pet her.  Here are some pictures from the parade.

Gaslamp Pet Parade 2010


San Diego's Smallest Dog

Chia Pet Won Best Costume

Best Costume Duo Winners

Best in Show Winner

 Picture of Cutest Critter is not available due to the enormous crowd.  The dog that won looked like a terrier mix of some short and the owner had decorated the leash with approximately 20 bows.  He was also an employee of Ace hardware who sponsored the event..hmmm.  At least 15 people came up to me and told me that Munchkin should have won.  Oh well, in my eyes i am actually the winner because Munchkin is MINE, ALL MINE!

Nap Time!

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Time to Spoil Your Pets for the Holiday Season! Special Savings!

December 15th, 2010 · No Comments

Dont forget to buy your furry babies something for Christmas too!  Special savings this week only on selected holiday merchandise. Check the video below by clicking on “Holiday Gift Guide For Pets!” for Christmas gift ideas from www.swankpets.com

Holiday Gift Guide for Pets!

On this weeks special for only $24!

Elegant velvet body with sparkling silver lace trim around the fold over round collar. Plaid pattern skirt with a layer of netting underskirt. A tiny charm bone danglers from the front neck area. Available in sizes XS-XL. Usually priced at $29+, but this week only for $24+!

On this weeks special for only $26

Super cute holiday snowflake dog hoodie sweatshirt perfect for Christmas! This sweater features an embroidered snowflake, buttons in the front of the neck, and a cute bone shaped charm that hangs from the neck! This hoodie is made with ultra soft fleece to keep your pets warm during winter. Available in sizes XS-XL. Usually priced at $32+, but on this weeks special for only $26+!

Available in sizes XS-L, $39.50+

Detailed playful doggies motiff sweater is hand knit with 100% wool. Decorative pattern around the sleeves and body in multiple shades of gray. This sweater will keep any dog warm in the coldest weather!  Comes with a cute removable small bone charm attached in the front of the sweater below the neck!

Available in size XS-L, $39.50+

This is a gorgeous dog sweater is HAND KNIT with 100% wool and accented with hand-sewn knit flowers.. This sweater also has a small D-Ring at the front neck to hang tags or charms and comes with a cute bone shaped charm!

Available in sizes XS-XL, $29.50+

Santa’s coat decorated with furry collar, furry trims down the center of the back and around the coat. Made with soft and luxurious red velvet, accented with an attached belt and metal buckle. A small D-Ring attached above the first snap button with a little bone charm. So CUTE! Available in sizes XS-XL, $29.50+

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Finding a Reputable Dog Breeder

April 29th, 2010 · No Comments

As a Yorkshire Terrier breeder, I have some good pointers on how to look for a reputable dog breeder.

1) When you call a breeder she/he should be kind and friendly over the phone and excited to answer all your questions to help you find the right puppy.  The breeder should also be interested in learning more about you and your reasons for buying a puppy.  A good breeder will always make sure she places the puppy in suitable and loving home where the new owner will dedicate enough time to the puppy.

2) The parents of the puppy should be on site when you go for a visit.  Sometimes the father will not be there if the breeder uses someone else’s stud(male breeding dog) or sometimes the mother will not be there if the breeder only owns the male dog and studs him out to other female dogs and receives the pick of the litter and sells the puppy.  However, in these circumstances these are usually called hobby breeders.  They should still be able to provide you an address or a phone number of the owner of the female or male dog so that you may see that parent in person.  Breeders that do not have either mom or dad on site are usually not real breeders and are dog brokers! Dog brokers will give you reasons or excuses to as why the parents are not there.  Most common excuses are that they are selling the puppies for their grandparents or helping a friend or a relative out that doesn’t have time to sell the puppy.  There is no excuse good enough and you should NEVER leave a deposit nor buy a puppy until you see both parents!  Dog brokers are extremely common these days and almost always pose as ”breeders” because they know that they will have far less sales if people find out they are brokers.  Dog brokers usually almost always buy from puppy mills in the Midwest for dirt cheap and resell the puppies for 3-4x what they cost.  This is the exact same thing pet stores do so be very careful about protecting yourself from dog brokers who pose as breeders. 

3) Parents and all puppies should be groomed, clean, and well cared for.  Good breeders in my opinion usually have a total of six or less breeding dogs.  In my opinion, the less breeding dogs the better!  The most breeding dogs I have ever had at one time were four and that was already a full time job for me.  Three female yorkies and one male yorkie kept me busy all day long because I had to give them equal amounts of love, attention, and proper care.  I know there are some breeders out there that can handle a lot more dogs than I can at one time but I would be careful if you see too many dogs running around. The breeders home should be clean and somewhat odor free.  I know it may seem impossible to have an odor free home when you are a dog breeder but it is possible!  I kept my dogs and home clean at all times so my home barely had any odor whatsoever and a good breeder will clean often to prevent bacteria growth and germs that can make the dogs and puppies sick.  Always ask the breeder to see where the dogs and puppies sleep at night and where they play during the day.  A good breeder will keep those areas clean and the dogs should never be caged or crated all day long.

4) A contract for the sale of the puppy should always be provided with a health guarantee of one year from the date of purchase (sometimes from the date of birth). In the contract it should include a 72 hour return policy if the puppy gets sick because if its within 72 hours, usually the puppy was already sick before you brought him/her home.  I offer a full refund including the entire deposit if any of my puppies are found to be ill within the first three days however not all breeders are willing to do that.  You have to decide how much you trust the breeder and go with your gut instinct.  See how willing the breeder is to work with you and make you happy if you want to change something you feel uncomfortable with in the contract.  A breeder should always want to help you and work with you: however, be weary if a breeder is willing to bargain with you on pricing of her pups because good breeders know the value of their puppies and usually will not budge too much on price.  Good breeders usually have a waiting list of interested customers so there is no need for her to lower her prices.

5) When it comes down to finding a good breeder i always tell people that they need to go with their gut instinct.  You should be able to filter out good breeder vs. a backyard breeder or broker instantly after given the few points above.  After the purchase of a puppy, the breeder will want to keep in touch with all the homes she places her puppies in and call often in the beginning to make sure the puppy is doing well.  I still keep in touch with many of my customers from years ago when I first started breeding!  I cannot stress how important it is to take your time to find the right breeder. Most people get caught up about finding the right puppy.  You can almost always guarantee that as long as you find the right breeder, you WILL find the right puppy. Just remember, “You’re buying the breeder, not the puppy”.

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Liver Shunts: The Yorkie’s Nemesis

November 11th, 2008 · 3 Comments

If you own a Yorkie or other type of small breed dog, you will want to pay attention to this post about portosytemic shunts, also known as Liver Shunts.  It is known by some vets that 30% of all their liver shunt surgeries are performed on Yorkshire Terriers.  Why is this problem so prevalent in Yorkies?  I don’t really don’t know the answer.  There currently is no proof that a single dog or line would be responsible for a liver shunt.  It is more of a polygenetic disease, so it pretty much makes it very tough to answer the question of “How do I avoid this disease all together?”  When shopping for a puppy, I suggest you ask your potential breeder if there have ever been any cases of a liver shunt in their line.  If so, I would try to avoid that breeder.


liver shunt yorkie


Liver shunts can be a very serious ordeal for many dogs, especially smaller breed dogs such as Yorkies and Maltese.  Basically, a liver shunt occurs when a blood vessel bypasses the liver tissue, causing the blood that is carried to other parts of the body to be unfiltered by the liver. [Read more →]

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Warm Up in Winter with Cozy Dog Clothes

October 29th, 2008 · No Comments

Well, it looks like the Winter months are quickly approaching, and the weather is starting to get chilly.  Heck, its even snowing in some parts of the country.  To be honest, its been pretty toasty here in San Diego.  85 degress in the middle of October is a little strange, but I guess we do live in the desert.  Geez…looks like global warming is really setting in.  At any rate, it will start to get really cold soon…even in San Diego, so we need to start thinking of ways to keep our little furry ones warm.

As many of you small dog owners know, toy breed dogs tend to get cold much easier than larger dogs.  Teacup and toy breed dogs just don’t have the same amount of fat and insulation that larger breed dogs have.  I’m sure many of you have seen those shivering Chihuahua’s when the weather gets cold.  My little Yorkie Munchkin starts to shiver uncontrollably when she gets cold too, and she usually has a good thick coat on her unless we give her a puppy cut during the Summer.  However, weighing under 2 lbs, Munchkin doesn’t have a whole lot of meat to keep her warm.

One of the best ways we keep our little dogs warm is with dog sweaters and dog jackets.  When the weather gets really cold, we bundle them up with a dual layer combination of either a dog shirt and sweater or even a dog sweater and a dog jacket on top.  I’ve found that these work extremely well in keeping your little dog warm during the cold frigid Winter months.  If you live in the Mid West or East Coast, I would highly recommend getting your little some extra warm dog clothing.  And what’s even better, Swankpets offers a huge selection of highly fashionable dog clothes so your little baby will look glamorous and keep warm at the same time. 

Here are some cute dog clothes that will definitely keep your dog warm during Winter.  See our entire collection of dog clothes, please visit our site main site, Swankpets.

velour dog hoodie 

pink dog hoodie

hand knitted dog sweater

vintage dog sweater

pink fur dog coat

leopard print dog coat

plaid dog jacket

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Small Dog Halloween Costumes Are Here!

September 29th, 2008 · 1 Comment

Its getting very close to that time of the year where we get to dress our dogs in cute and silly costumes.  Yes, Halloween is quickly approaching, and if you haven’t picked up a Halloween costume for your dog yet, you better get busy!  Nothing is worse than trying to find a small dog Halloween costume at the last minute and you find out that every cute costume in your dog’s size is sold out!  Don’t be left out of that dog costume contest and pick up a Halloween costume for your dog today!  Also, you’re in luck because Swankpets carries a huge line of Dog Halloween costumes.  Since we are a store that specializes in clothing for small dogs, we do carry many small dog costumes.  However, we also carry dog costumes that can fit dogs up to 25 pounds.  Take a look below at some of the dog costumes that we carry.

small dog costumes

small dog bunny costume

small dog lion costume

small dog monkey costume

small dog bumble bee costume

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Lessons Learned From a “Teacup” Dog Owner

August 31st, 2008 · No Comments

So as you may or may not know by now, I am the owner of a very small “Teacup” Yorkie.  I know there is no such breed as a “Teacup” Yorkie, which is why I use the apostrophes.  I only mention this because I’ve had people actually get mad at me for giving false information about “Teacups” and how they’re not an actual breed…its only a description.  But I digress.  For those of you that don’t know, I have a 2 pound Yorkie named Munchkin.  She is currently 2 and half years old, and she is healthy and happy as can be.  However, I know there are many people out there that are too scared to buy a toy breed dog because they are afraid that they are too delicate and too tough to care for.  Yes, they are definitely more delicate than larger breed dogs, and yes, you they do require special attention when they are puppies.  However, toy breed dogs make wonderful pets….especially if you live in an apartment…but they are definitely manageable and you shouldn’t be scared to own one.  The object of this post is to give you some certain tips and lessons that I have learned throughout the 2.5 years that I’ve owned my little teeny tiny baby, Munchkin.  Hopefully these tips will help keep your dog safe and healthy.

kaye's cute Yorkie puppy, Ali

(This cute Yorkie is named Ali and belongs to Kaye Sweetser)

1.  When you buy a toy breed puppy such as a Yorkie, Maltese, Chihuahua etc., one of the most important things I can stress is to educate yourself about hypoglycemia.  I wrote a pretty decent article that explains in detail on what is hypoglycemia and how to treat it.  In short, its a condition that appears much more frequently in toy breed puppies [Read more →]

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Is Your Dog Bored At Home While You’re at Work?

August 18th, 2008 · 4 Comments

Many people seem to have this problem of feeling guilty when they leave for work each morning and have to keep their dog at home all alone.  You know the feeling.  You’re about to step out the door, but your dog  is sitting right there at the door step with those incredibly sad puppy dog eyes.  You just can’t help but feel guilty in this helpless situation.  They usually just sit and stare at you with such a sullen demeanor that says “So you’re going to leave me alone again? Please don’t go or at least take me with you! Please!”  I’m telling you that these exact words are telepathically passed from your dog’s mind to yours!  And you stand there feeling so guilty for leaving, but someone has to make the money so you can spoil your dog with dog treats, dog clothes, dog carriers, and dog toys galore.  So now you feel stuck because you have to go to work, but what do you do in this situation?  How can you keep your dog pre-occupied throughout the day so your dog doesn’t feel so lonely?  Well, I’ve come up with some tips to help you through this tough situation.  I hope they help.

how to occupy your dog when you're at work

1. First, one of the most obvious ways to keep your dog company all day long is to get another dog.  You know how the saying goes, the more the merrier, right?  Of course, this isn’t an option for everybody, but in my opinion, I think [Read more →]

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What I look for in a Yorkie

August 6th, 2008 · No Comments

Wow, its been a loooonng time since I’ve written in here, and I apologize, but I’ve been pretty busy.  I’m going to really try hard to keep up with some good stories and articles in the blog.  Anyhow, for this post, I’ve decided to write about what I usually look for in the Yorkie breed.  I know my opinion is going be different from many people and I’m sure I will hear from many people how I’m so wrong, but this is my blog…so you’ll have to deal with it.  All Yorkies are wonderful and they come in many different shapes, sizes and colors.  This is just the look I prefer when I look for a Yorkie.

worlds cutest yorkie

 Weight: Don’t quote me on this, but I believe that the typical AKC standard weight for the Yorkie breed is anywhere from 4 -7 lbs.  This is probably the biggest and most important subject people bring up when looking for a Yorkie.  Most people want to find the smallest Yorkie possible.  I totally don’t agree with this as the determining factor when shopping for a Yorkie, however it is a fact that many people desire a smaller ‘teacup’ sized Yorkie [Read more →]

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Why Toy Breed Dogs and Small Kids May Not Mix

July 12th, 2008 · No Comments

When we think of a family pet, dogs and cute little puppies often come to mind. Choosing the breed of dog is often the tough part. With the growing popularity of toy breed dogs such as Yorkies, Maltese and Chihuhua’s, more and more families are turning to these small little fur babies as family pets.  And why wouldn’t they?  These toy breed dogs make excellent family pets and companions.  They are also great if you live in an apartment or a condo, they eat less and poop less.  Sounds like the perfect pet, right?  Well, these little toy breed dogs are absolutely wonderful for the family, but you may want to reconsider smaller breed dogs if you have small children around the house. 

worlds smallest yorkie!

Toy breed dogs are very fragile animals.  They are even more fragile when they are puppies.  It doesn’t take much force to break a limb or seriously injure one of these little puppies.  Remember, when these toy breed dogs are puppies, their bones are EXTREMELY delicate.  And little toddlers and babies are absolutely strong enough to snap a limb in an instant.  Of course little Junior has no real intention of hurting the puppy, but small children just don’t know any better. Furthermore, if left unsupervised for even a split second, your child could end up seriously injuring your little puppy.  If you think about it, little kids love to pull, tug, and bite everything they see.  I’m exaggerating a little bit here, but its mostly true.  You definitely wouldn’t want your little fragile puppy subjected to this pulling, tugging, and biting.

Now I know many of you may be thinking that you could simply teach your kid what they should not do with the puppy.  And I know there are very obedient little kids out there, however, it only takes one time to really jeopardize a puppies life.  My teeny tiny Yorkie, Munchkin is not even 2 pounds, so we are extremely careful where we step, sit and sleep.  Even with me, there have been some close calls where I almost sat on Munchkin!  Now just imagine the responsibility a little toddler would need to take on in order to avoid a major mishap.

So if you absolutely have to get a toy breed dog, and you have little kids in the house, buy a full grown dog.  I would say buying a dog at least 6 months of age.  Most toy breed dogs are full grown in size at this point.  I would also avoid the “Teacup” sized dogs.  Try to get a larger sized dog of the particular toy breed that you desire.

With that said, I hope this hasn’t offended anyone and their child.  I’m just trying to help avoid any injuries, broken hearts, and vet bills.

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2008 Coronado Bay Surf Dog Competition

July 4th, 2008 · 2 Comments

Last weekend, Imperial Beach in Southern San Diego played host to the 3rd Annual Loews Coronado Bay Resort Surf Dog Competition.  Its really a pretty cool event to watch as thousands of spectators came to watch dogs of all sorts of sizes and breeds hang ten in the beautiful San Diego surf.  The weather was perfect, as thousands of people and dozens of vendors enjoyed watching dogs shred some waves, sometimes in tandem with their owners.  All proceeds from the event went to Modest Needs Foundation, a charity that helps to prevent poverty before it begins.

These are the following winners from this years 2008 Surf Dog Competition:

Small Surf Dogs, 40 pounds and under

1st Place: TJ, a Spanish Spaniel
2nd Place: Murphy, a Fox Wire Terrier
3rd Place: Toby, a Shih Tzu mix

Large surf dogs 41 pounds and over
1st Place: Stoli, a Black Lab
2nd Place: Scooter, a Golden Retriever
3rd Place: Stanley, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Teams (surf dogs and humans surfing together on the same board at the same time)
1st Place: Zoey, a Jack Russell Terrier, and his owners Scott and Tyler Chandler
2nd Place: Pogey, a Poodle mix, and her owner Lauren Leslie

Here are some cool photos from the event.

dog surfing competition

tandem surfing dog champions

[

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Be Amazed At Our New Couture Pet Carriers!

July 2nd, 2008 · No Comments

Ok, we are extremely excited.  No wait, we are SUPER excited about the couture pet carrier line that we just got in from Petote, the leading designer in designer pet carriers.  What is “Couture” some people may ask?

One defintion I found: the fashion houses or fashion designers that create exclusive and often trend-setting fashions

And trend setting these are!  When we got these bags in, we were absolutely amazed at how beautiful these couture pet carriers looked.  The materials and craftsmanship are unparalleled and go to show that nothing was overlooked in designing this gorgeous new line of couture pet carriers.  I guarantee that you and your dog will turn heads as you walk around in stunning fashion.  Words cannot describe how beautiful these designer dog carriers look….but I will give it my best shot.

exotic leather couture pet carrier

This entire line is made from the finest Italian patent leather that money can buy.  I guarantee if Louis Vuitton made a couture pet carrier with such fine materials as these, it would go for over $10,000 easily….and I’m not even kidding [Read more →]

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Paris Hilton Gets Denied at Pet Store…But Let’s Not Hate

June 30th, 2008 · No Comments

I know this is kind of old news, but I still thought it was pretty funny.  Some of you may have heard that couple weeks back, Paris Hilton walked into a pet store on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles and wanted to buy a Yorkie puppy.  Apparently, sources said that Paris Hilton wanted the puppy because she was on her way to a photo shoot and thought the puppy would make the picture look cuter.  In other words, the Yorkie puppy would have been a pure impulse buy.  Well, one of the workers denied Paris Hilton from buying the puppy because the worker felt that Paris Hilton was simply buying the Yorkie puppy on total impulse.  Needless to say, Paris Hilton went berserk in the store and threw a huge temper tantrum screaming out “I love my puppies! I want my baby!!!”  Unfortunately, the kicking and screaming from Paris did not work in her favor causing Paris to leave the store in a tirade.

paris hilton with her puppies

So to fill people in on the story with Paris Hilton, many have accused her of mistreating her puppies because she just has so many of them.  People probably think that anyone with that many dogs cannot possibly [Read more →]

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Keeping Your Dog Safe From Snake Bites!

June 25th, 2008 · No Comments

Every year, about 8000 people are bit by snakes.  Unfortunately, dogs also become victim to snake bites (I know, its unfortunate for humans, but this is a dog blog!)  The majority of these snake bites occur during the warm Summer months when snakes are most active.  Many snake bites to dogs come from non-venomous snakes, which are pretty much harmless besides causing some discomfort.  However, North America is home to about 4 types of venomous snakes.  These venomous snakes are rattlers, moccasins, coral snakes. vipers also known as cottonmouths.  Although the chances of these bites being fatal to larger dogs such as Labradors and Rottweilers are slim, smaller, toy breed dogs are a different story.  The severity of the bite all depends on the size of your dog, where the bite has occurred on the body, and the deepness of the bite from the snake’s fangs.

eeek!  keep that snake away!

If you suspect your dog has been bitten by a venomous snake, there some things that you should do that will help your dog survive such a horrible event. 

1. If you are around when your dog has been bitten, try to identify the type of snake.  I know we all aren’t the Crocodile Hunter when it comes to snakes but  try to take notice if the snake has a rattler or not.  If it does have a rattler, its obviously a rattlesnake.  If not, try to look at the head.  Coral snakes have smaller heads with red and yellow bands NEXT to each other.  I emphasized this because king snakes look extremely close to coral snakes, but they are not venomous.  King snakes have red and black bands next to each.  I know its tough, but you can remember this rhyme “red next to yellow will harm a fellow, red next to black and you’re safe jack”.  For the most part if the snake doesn’t have a rattler and the head is fairly large with a triangular shaped head, its most likely a cottonmouth or moccassin, both venomous snakes.  Most venomous snakes have a triangular shaped head.  [Read more →]

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Ex-Attorney Helps Out Mexican Mutts!

June 16th, 2008 · No Comments

Do you ever wonder what successful people do after they retire.  For most people, the thought of retiring means vacations, cruises, fishing or golf.  However, there are others that still have a void that needs to be filled.  This brings us to a story of an attorney named Jim Karger from Texas.  At the age of 56, Jim Karger had the largest labor law firm in all of Texas.  However, he decided it was time to retire and move to Mexico.  Finding that he still wanted to advise corporate clients on the side, Karger started a consulting firm in Mexico.  However, it was his journeys throughout Mexico that made him start the non-profit organization known as SAMM, or Save A Mexican Mutt.  During his new life in Mexico, Jim and his wife Kelly noticed that there were dozens of abused, starving, injured, and homeless dogs all up and down the street.  He states that he couldn’t walk down the street without seeing the sad sight of a helpless dog.  These horrific scenes gave Jim Karger the motivation to start SAMM.

Jim Karger of Save a Mexican Mutt

The goal of SAMM is to take in these helpless dogs and start caring, socializing, and eventually turning them to good homes. To this day, the Kargers spend a majority of their time delivering rehabilitated dogs throughout San Antonio, El Paso, Albuquerque and Denver.  Many of the rescued dogs are also placed locally in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico where Save a Mexican Mutt is based.  So far, they have saved over 200 dogs and have 8 dogs themselves.

Its great to see people like Jim Karger in this world today.  He could easily live the life that millions of Americans probably dream about with his hefty bank account, yet he has devoted himself to an excellent cause.  Two thumbs up to you Jim!

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How Senior Citizens Can Benefit From Small Dogs

June 8th, 2008 · No Comments

Everyday around my neighborhood, I notice the same few elderly people walking their dogs around.  There is one man that has a little tiny Chihuahua, another man that has a larger sized Chihuahua, and then an elderly woman with a really small Chihuahua.  As you can see, it seems like these senior citizens have a liking towards smaller breed dogs…or maybe just Chihuahuas?  I also used to live next to a huge convalescent home where many of the occupants would walk their dogs around the block.  The breeds I most commonly saw were Yorkies, Maltese, and of course, Chihuahuas.  As a matter fact, many inquiring customers of our Yorkies are looking for a pet for their elderly parents.  Either way, it led me think why all these senior citizens decided to get smaller breed dogs.  It didn’t take me long to realize all the benefits that these smaller breed dogs could offer senior citizens. 

senior citizen and dogs

1. Saving living space.  I’m sure this is the number reason why smaller breed dogs are sought after by senior citizens.  Their small size makes many things a lot easier to handle for senior citizens.  For one, most elderly people I know tend to live in smaller sized living quarters, especially if they live in convalescent homes.  Having a Chihuahua in the house obviously saves a lot of room compared to larger breeds such as a Great Dane! 

2. Ease of walking.  I think its great that senior citizens are proud dog owners.  Having a dog in the first place will encourage the elderly to get out and get exercise.  However, walking a dog such as a Doberman Pincher may be a little challenging for most 80 year old men and women.  I’m 6′ 0″ tall and weigh about 190 lbs, and some of these larger breed dogs definitely have some tugging power that give even myself  a tough time.  It can be very dangerous for both [Read more →]

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Understanding Your Puppies Socialization Needs

May 29th, 2008 · 3 Comments

This post is dedicated for those of you that are in search of a new puppy.  It’s important to read this post before you buy a new puppy so that you will be better educated about their essential socialization needs.  This post is also perfect for those of you that have just brought your new puppy home.  I think this post will really help you understand each stage in your puppies life, and the importance of each stage.

For most puppies, many people recommend releasing them to go home to a family at around 7-9 weeks of age.  In my opinion, this is quite correct.  HOWEVER, for small toy breed dogs, I highly suggest not bringing a puppy home before 12 weeks of age.  When small toy breed puppies leave their mothers too soon, they are more prone to health complications and hypoglycemia.  The bodies and immune systems of toy breed puppies are just too weak if they are released from their mothers too soon.  I’m not saying that your toy breed puppy absolutely won’t survive if they leave their mothers earlier than 12 weeks, however, I think you place a higher risk of endangering your puppies health.

cutest and smallest yorkie in the world!

Now, back to the general case.  If you do release your dogs too late from their mother, your puppy may experience behavior problems.  Between 7-9 weeks of age, your puppies neurological senses are complete, and it’s at this point in their lives that they can really start to develop a bond with their owner.  If they leave at a later age, your puppy may experience a tougher time building a bond with you.  Some risks of leaving a mother too late include: [Read more →]

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Cute Dog Clothes for Summer!

May 21st, 2008 · No Comments

Since Summer is quickly approaching, I’ve decided to keep with my Summer theme on this post.  Keeping your dog cool and looking good is still possible with these cute Summer dog clothes.  Swank Pets has a huge variety of cute summer tanks and shirts for dogs that are perfect during these warmer months.  I would suggest getting your dog a Summer cut if possible before putting these clothes on your dog.  Their safety is number one, so never put any clothes on your dog if it is too hot outside.   However, some of these cute summer tank tops for dogs can also help protect your little babies from the sun’s harmful rays if they have sensitive skin.  The tank tops allow for great ventilation and allow cool breezes to flow on through.  Here are just some of the cute Summer dog clothes that Swank Pets has to offer. Be sure to check out our entire collection of cute summer dog tank tops here.

cute dog clothes for summer

cute summer polo for dogs

cute summer tank top for dogs

rainbow tank top for dogs

sailor shirt for small dogs

cute striped polo for small dogs

cute dog clothes for summer

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Summer Weather Dog Care Tips

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As Summer approaches and the days get warmer (its already heating up quite a bit here in San Diego), there are some things you’ll want to keep in mind when it comes to your dog.  Hot weather can be very detrimental and even fatal for dogs if proper precautions are not taken.  Certain breeds need extra care during hot weather, such as snubbed nosed breeds like bulldogs and pugs.  Older dogs and overweight dogs also need special attention and care during these hot days.  Here are some tips that you can do to help keep your dog safe during the hot weather of the Summer months. 

1.  Always keep lots and lots of fresh water around.  Make sure that your dog has a constant full bowl of water throughout the day and night.  This is probably one of the most important things to keep in mind for your dog when it comes to hot weather.  Dehydration can occur quickly during hot days which can be very dangerous for your dog.  If possible, giving your dog fresh refrigerated water would be preferred.  Some dogs seem to even stop drinking water because of the sudden change in weather.  If your dog seems to be experiencing this, you may need to use a syringe to force them to take down water.  Either way, keep your dog hydrated!

2. Provide plenty of shade!  If you leave your dog outdoors, make absolutely sure that there is an area of shade available at all times of the day.  Keep in mind that shady areas will shift throughout the day, so make sure there is a shady area for your dog to rest at all times of the day.

3. If you have a bulldog, pug, overweight, or elderly dog, I recommend bringing them inside the house and turning on your air conditioner.  If you don’t have AC, then use an indoor fan.  However, I would highly recommend against keeping these types of dogs outdoors during hot weather.

4. Shaving your dog’s hair during the hot Summer months can also help alleviate the heat.  A ’Summer Cut’ for your dog can also be beneficial to dogs that are prone to skin irritations due to heat.  I make sure to give all my dogs a Summer cut once the weather starts heating up.  Imagine if you had to wear a sweater all day when its 90 degrees outside!  Your dog probably wouldn’t like it either.

5. Restrict your dog’s playtime to either mornings or late afternoons when the weather is somewhat cooler.  Also, never let them play right after eating during hot or humid weather.

6.  If you live by the beach, I know it must be tempting to bring your dog for a day of fun in the sand and water.  However, if the weather is scorching out, I would recommend against this unless you can provide some sort of shade and fresh water at all times.  If you can set up a large umbrella or canopy, this may be a solution, but don’t risk it otherwise.

7. Next, this one is very obvious.  Never ever leave your dog unattended inside your car.  As intuitive as it may sound, many dogs die from heat exhaustion because negligent owners forget about their dogs inside their car.  Either bring your dog with you where ever you go or leave them at home inside an air cooled house with water.

Hopefully these tips can ensure that you and your dog have a safe and fun Summer!  As always, I am not a vet, so consult your local veterinarian before following any of these tips described above.   

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Is Your Dog Marking? Stop Them With a Small Dog Diaper

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For those of you with male dogs, you’ve probably run into the problem with marking.  You know, where your little guy lifts his leg and pees on spots that he feels need to be noticed.  Of course, this is a completely natural behavior so you can’t get mad at him for it…but it sure gets annoying when your furniture starts to smell like urine!  One remedy that I’ve used to alleviate this habit in our house is with a small male dog diaper. These male dog diapers are designed with a patented “P-pocket” to fit comfortably around your dogs waist.  The hoop and loop closure allow you to adjust the fit so that your little guy can stay comfortable all day long. What’s better are the cool designs and patterns that these dog diapers are available in.  If you’re going to pee, why not look cool doing it?  The “P-pocket” is lined with terry cloth so you can just toss them in the washing machine when the diapers get dirty.  We have about 4 of these male dog diapers lying around so we can rotate them as they get dirty or washed. 

These male dog diapers are also excellent for puppies.  While you’re in the potty training process, you can use these to prevent accidents on the carpet.  As you slowly get your puppy potty trained, you can start removing the dog diaper as necessary.  I encourage many of our customers to try this male dog diaper out if they are getting frustrated with accidents all over the house.  Just remember, they’re just puppies and you need to be patient.  Hopefully these doggy diapers can help with their potty training process.

Also, I know many of you are just dying to sleep with your puppy in bed but are afraid that they’ll make an accident in the middle of night.  With these male dog diapers, you can sleep soundly throughout the night without having to worry about waking up in the middle of the night to a pee puddle on you sheets!

Here are the 3 styles of male dog diapers that we carry. All of them are super cute and comfortable.  It might be a good idea to call us before placing an order.  We have a general idea of what size dog diaper your dog may need according to their weight, but dogs come in all sorts of shapes!

camo male dog diaper

black suede male dog diaper

brown suede male dog diaper

We also have female dog diapers.  If your dog is not spayed, then she will usually come into heat every 6 months.  Those of you with un-spayed female dogs know how this can be a problem…especially if you have white sheets or furniture in the house, YUCK!  But now you can simply use one of these female dog diapers whenever your female dog comes into heat.  Again, you can also use these female dog diapers for puppies as you’re potty training them.  These doggy diapers will definitely reduce the amount of accidents that end up on your floor or furniture. 

female dog diaper

Good luck and here’s no more pee accidents!

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Yorkie Killed By Invading Pit Bulls

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I just read a story about 2 pitbulls that somehow got into a neighbors backyard and ended up mauling a little tiny Yorkie.  Apparently, the defenseless Yorkie, Scrappy, was in the backyard when 2 pitbulls entered the backyard of Jan Madrid.  Scrappy the Yorkie belonged to Jan’s daughter who watched helplessly as her Yorkie was killed in front of her eyes.  The family was unable to come to the aid of Scrappy in fear that they would also become victims of the 2 pitbulls.  Apparently, it took 3 animal control officers 1 hour to restrain and capture the 2 attacking pitbulls.  The owner of the pitbulls was cited by Animal Control and released back to the owner.  Animal control apparently made sure that the 2 pitbulls were safely secured at the onwer’s house after the incident.

I know this is a very sad story for any dog lover out there, but I had to write a post about it in hopes of bringing awareness to this sort of tragedy.  Obviously, the only one to blame in this situation is the owner of the pitbulls.  Even though the pitbulls were the actual ones that did the killing, it is the sole responsibility of the owner to make sure his dogs do not get loose.  It makes me so mad to see how some people with pitbulls are so irresponsible.  It is a known fact that pitbulls are a more aggressive breed towards other dogs.  Any responsible pitbull owner will tell you that they keep their dog on a leash at all times in public, and they make sure that their yards are secure.  It’s the irresponsible owners that give the good owners and the pitbull breed a bad name.

Being a Yorkie lover, it is truly sad to hear such a tragic story.  However, it just makes me mad how irresponsible some dog owners are.  They just don’t understand the HUGE responsibility that goes behind owning an dog, whether it be a Yorkie or a pitbull.  All dogs require a lot of responsibility and proper education beforehand.  Bringing a dog home is not a spur of the moment thing.  You should really think hard about bringing a dog into your household.  You should really do your research on the exact breed you plan on buying, along with all the responsibilities that come with owning a dog.

In the end, I’m glad that these 2 pitbulls were not put to sleep.  In my opinion, it wasn’t there fault.  However, I am very upset that the owner did not get a harsher punishment other than the citation.  I really think he should go to prison.  After all, a life was lost because of his negligence.  Sure, it wasn’t a human life, but regardless, I’m sure that Scrappy’s family saw her as a true member and companion of their family.

Of course, there’s no way to stop moronic people from owning dogs.  The world will never have their short fall of idiots, and some of these idiots will probably end up owning a dog.  Hopefully, this post will bring awareness to at least one person and hopefully save a dog’s life.

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New Collection of Vintage Clothes for Small Dogs!

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It seems like the whole fad in the fashion industry lately has been vintage clothing.  Many Hollywood A-listers and pop socialites can be seen in US Weekly sporting vintage tees and garments.  However, the trend for vintage clothing does not stop at humans.  The hot trend in small dog clothing has also been the vintage look.  Luckily, Swank Pets is proud to announce that we just received our new collection of vintage clothes for small dogs.  Our vintage clothes for small dogs are made from the best materials (as always) while keeping comfort for your pup in mind.  If you look at the stitching and overall craftsmanship put into these vintage clothes for small dogs, you will see that these dog garments weren’t simply slapped together. 

So what really defines vintage clothing?  Well, wikipedia defines it as simply clothing from another era, generally older than 25 years old.  If I were to chose an era where these vintage clothes for small dogs were inspired from, I would have to say the 70′s and maybe late 60′s.  Either way, we are very excited about this new collection and we are sure that you will also love our new line of vintage dog clothes.  Hmmm…that was kind of an oxy moron.

Anyhow, here are the trendy dog garments that we just got in.  These looks are definitely inspired by a more rocker/rebel lifestyle.  If your little one gives some attitude now and then, these hot new designer dog clothes are a must have. 

vintage rocker small dog clothes

peace and love vintage dog dress

vintage dog dress with pirate skull

urban style vintage dog dress

cute vintage hoodie for small dogs

vintage rocker hoodie for small dogs

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Is Your Dog Cheating On You?

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When we buy our new puppies, we usually assume that our new little babies will be our best friends.  We picture our dogs following us where ever we go, sleeping in our arms, and never leaving our sides.  We envision a new best friend that will never betray us or leave us for someone else, after all, dogs are supposed to be the most loyal animals on the planet.  However, do you sometimes get the feeling that your dog is cheating on you?  Do you feel that the dog YOU bought and brought home gives more attention to someone else in the house?  The dog YOU spoil with tons of cute and trendy dog clothes, the dog YOU spoil with fancy designer dog beds and dog carriers, the dog YOU give endless treats to……..is possibly cheating on you?  Well, I’ve been very suspicious lately about my dogs cheating on me. 

are you cheating on me?

You see, my Fiance’ lives me and I see that my dogs seem to cuddle up with him more than they want to cuddle with me.  When I try to look for them, they’re always on his lap sleeping while he watches TV.  When I try to call for them they don’t come to me because they’re busy playing with daddy.  I mean, what’s going on here?  Aren’t I the one that they should be giving all the attention to?  I bathe my dogs, feed my dogs, take them to the groomers, but they just seem to love their dad more.  When I scold my dogs for doing something naughty, who do they run to……daddy.  You know, this isn’t what I signed up for.

If you suspect that your dogs are cheating on you, here are 5 tell tale signs.

1.  When there are 2 people on the same couch, who’s lap does your dog jump on first?  If its not yours, there’s a good chance that your dog is cheating on you.  I know how it is. You both get home from a tough days work and now its time to relax.  What better way to relax than some TV and your little fur baby in your lap.  But wait a second, your dog doesn’t even want to sit with you.  They automatically jump onto your significant other’s lap and nestle in for a nap.  There goes that plan for a night with you and your and your dog.

2.  For those that allow your dogs to sleep in your bed, watch to see who your dogs spends most of the night with.  My dogs always end up snuggling right next to my fiance’.  Its like clock work for them.  Once the lights go off, they jump into bed and go right next to him. They don’t even bother coming over next to me to say ‘goodnite’.  This is definitely another bad sign that your dog is cheating on you. [Read more →]

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5 Ways to Help Stop Puppy Mills

May 1st, 2008 · No Comments

Its been a while since I last posted here, but I’ve been soooo busy. Sorry about the lack of posts, but hopefully this will make it up as my “Good Deed for the Day”.  A couple weeks ago, I wrote about the show Oprah did on the perils of puppy mills. If you didn’t read the post or you’re too lazy to click the link, it was basically a show on how undercover correspondent Lisa Ling goes into puppy mills to reveal the shocking truth on these sickening places. The footage was even a little shocking to me having seen similar footage before, but I’m sure it opened the eyes of millions of other people. Anyway, I decided to continue on that post with this one. So here are 5 ways to help stop puppy mills. If anyone has some ideas to add, please leave them in the comments.

Stop Puppy Mills
HSUS MySpace Page | Stop Puppy Mills Website

1. Avoid buying your puppy from a pet store at all costs. According to the Oprah show, 99% of all puppies from a pet store come from a puppy mill. No matter what a pet store tells you, its almost a guarantee that puppies from pet stores come from puppy mills. The pet store may tell you that they have ‘health certificates’ or ‘USDA approved’ puppies, but all that stuff is a smoke screen to hide the truth. Take your business to a reputable breeder or the adoption shelter. Whatever you do, NEVER buy from a pet store. You will only fuel the business of puppy mills.

2. Tell all your friends and family about puppy mills. Spread the word to everyone you know, and tell them to spread the word to everyone they know. I know you’ve gotten those email chains at least once in your life. Probably about how to lower the cost of gasoline or something like that. However, lets try that same technique on spreading the word about stopping puppy mills.  Send out an email to your entire contact list and tell all those contacts to do the same. One thing that worries me is the cost of gas has only sky rocketed, so it doesn’t seem like those chain emails did much. However, look on the bright side, we’re not talking about a necessity like gasoline, we’re talking about cute little puppies that need to be saved!

3. Send out petitions and letters to your state legislature. Or, send one to the Pennsylvania’s state legislature, [Read more →]

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My Problem with Dog Strollers

April 22nd, 2008 · No Comments

So I’m driving home the other day and I see a lady walking on the sidewalk with a double stroller.  The stroller was set side by side as opposed to back to back if you can picture that.  As I drove by, I kind of peered over hoping to see a couple of cute babies. but to my surprise, I see 2 hairy Chihuahuas!  Now this isn’t the first time I’ve seen people push their dogs in strollers, but I was completely surprised because I just kept expecting to see human babies.  Now I know many of us feel that our dogs are our babies, but I have a little problem with people pushing their dogs around in strollers everywhere they go. 

doggy stoller

For one, it totally deprives your dog of the proper exercise they require.  If you’re going for a walk around the neighborhood, then why not take that opportunity to walk your dog also.  Exercise is such a vital part of your dog’s health and pushing your dog in a stroller does nothing for them except for getting them a sun tan.  Furthermore on the subject, I think that pushing your dog in a stroller on a constant basis will eventually train your dog that a stroller is only way to travel.  I bet that these dogs that are pushed around in dog strollers all day have become accustomed to their stroller and refuse to walk.  Why do I believe this?  Well, some people feel that they have to hold their dogs in their arms 24/7.  Its a great thing that you want to be close to your dog as much as possible, but your dog will soon be accustomed to this treatment.  I’ve been to dog parks where some dogs refuse to play.  What are they doing you ask?  They’re scratching their owners leg and jumping up and down begging and barking for their owners to pick them up.  These dogs refuse to play and socialize and would rather be held by mommy or daddy.  The same thing will apply to people who push their dogs around in doggy strollers. The dogs will only want to stay in their ’safety spot’ of their stroller wherever they go. 

Don’t get me wrong, I hold my dogs quite a bit, but I also make sure that they get plenty of exercise and that they socialize and play with other dogs at the park.  Who knows, perhaps some of these dogs have a medical problem that prevents them from walking.  In that case, a dog stroller is just fine.  But if you’re pushing your dog around in a doggy stroller because it looks cute, then do yourself and your dog a favor and trash it.  Your dog will benefit from walking a lot more.  Besides, that’s what their four legs are meant to do :)

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Cute Harnesses for Small Dogs

April 18th, 2008 · No Comments

One of the best things that you can buy for your small dog is a harness.  Luckily, Swank Pets carries a huge selection of cute harnesses for small dogs.  Besides quality food, a dog harness is very important for small dogs because they can help prevent a collapsed trachea.  Smaller sized dogs and especially teacup dogs are more prone to throat and neck injury when a normal dog collar is used to walk your dog.  Dog collars are great for holding dog tags and adding a little extra flair to their wardrobe, but I recommend against them for walking dogs.  Dog collars tend to put a lot of pressure on a small fragile part of your dogs body, the throat.  If you have a dog that loves to tug when you walk them, a dog collar can put extra pressure on that vital trachea and possibly cause it to collapse.  Small dog harnesses help spread out the pressure on a much stronger part of your dog’s body, their chest.

However, many people feel that small dog harnesses  don’t look good.  However, times have changed and there are now many different styles of cute harnesses for small dogs.  They come in many different fashion styles to fit your little pup’s personality perfectly.  Our cute harnesses for small dogs are also made from high quality material with comfort kept in mind.  All of our cute harnesses for small dogs feature a sturdy D-ring so that you can attach any leash you wish.  Some of our harnesses also feature matching leashes for those of you that have to have everything match.

For those of you with boy dogs, don’t worry, we also carry a pretty good selection of harnesses for boy dogs.  Below are just a few of our cute harnesses for small dogs. You can see our entire collection of harnesess for small dogs here.

cute harnesses for small dogs

cute harnesses for small dogs

small dog harness with matching leash

cute harnesses for small dogs

cute harnesses for boy dogs

cute harnesses for small dogs

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5 Things to Prolong Your Dog’s Life

April 17th, 2008 · 3 Comments

We all want our dogs to live as long as possible.  Unfortunately, there is no magic pill that we can simply give our dogs to make them live longer.  However, there are things that we can do ourselves to help prolong our dogs’ lives.  These are simple to do but it does require effort on your part.  These 5 simple tips will help keep your dog living healthy and strong.

1. Brush your dog’s teeth on a regular basis.  This is a very important aspect to keeping your dog healthy even though it may not seem like it.  A major cause of death in many dogs is due to poor dental hygiene.   By brushing your dog’s teeth on a regular basis with the proper technique, you can help reduce the risk of dental disease in your dog.  Here is a post on “How to brush your dog’s teeth“.

2. Feed your dog a healthy and proper diet.  Today, many people tend to over feed their dogs and they also tend to give their dogs horrible food.  If you buy your food from a grocery store, it’s most likely junk food.  Meaning the dog food is probably filled with grains and fillers that offer your dog no nutrional value.  Also, if you can’t feel your dog’s ribs, then you’re probably over feeding your dog.  Learn the correct portion sizes for your dog’s size and start feeding them some healthy and nutritious dog food.  Here is an excellent read on dog food analysis to see what to look for in the ingredients of your dog’s food.  Here is another great read on preparing home cooked dog meals.

3. Regular exercise is another key factor in keeping your dog healthy.  All dogs need exercise regardless of their size.  Make sure you give enough time each day to exercise your dog.  You can either take them to the dog park or simply go on a 20-30 minute walk around your block.  Either way, the more exercise the better.  You’ll also end up getting a good work out also!

4. Give them lots of attention!  Its been proven that sad and neglected dogs have a shorter life span than dogs that are happy and given lots of attention.  When you come home from work, don’t ignore your dog.  Give them lots of attention and show them that you care about them.  The happiest time in their life is probably hearing the door open to see you come home.  Play with them, praise them, and show them that you love them on a constant basis.  A happy dog is a healthy dog!

5. Watch your dog.  Its the most unsuspecting times where danger lurks.  Cars can come out of no where and be a huge danger to your dog.  If you have toy breed dogs like I do, always keep an eye out for larger dogs that are not on a leash.  Large dogs can pounce on smaller dogs in a blink of the eye.  Even though the larger dog may not mean any harm, toy breeds are very fragile and can get seriously hurt.

Hopefully these 5 tips can help you prolong your dog’s life!

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Oprah Takes a Fight Against Puppy Mills

April 15th, 2008 · 1 Comment

Last week on Oprah, there was a special report where super undercover reporter, Lisa Ling, went along with Bill Smith to find out what really goes on in puppy mills.  Bill Smith represents the Main Line Animal Rescue , an organization that recovers and rehabilitates dogs that puppy mills no longer want because they are unable to keep breeding.  In this one hour special, Lisa and Bill’s main goal is to raise awareness to the public that 99% of all dogs found at pet shops come from puppy mills.  Bill Smiths’ hope is that people across America will see the absolutely horrid conditions that these dogs and puppies live in, and hopefully deter anyone from buying a dog from a pet shop in the future. 

lisa ling and bill smith of MLAR

I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of this at one point in our lives.  We go into a pet shop and see all the cute little puppies.  Their furry little faces are so adorable that you just can’t resist bringing one home.  In actuality, the majority of people love to just look, but there are still many many people that buy their dogs from pet shops.  Bill Smith and the MLAR hope that their show on Oprah will help deter people from buying puppies from a pet shop and end the puppy mill business.

The show on Oprah was actually very disturbing to watch.  Lisa and Bill wanted to prove that these puppies [Read more →]

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Sleep Like Royalty with Designer Dog Beds

April 9th, 2008 · No Comments

Do you think of your little fur babies as your prince or princess?  Do they act like royalty because you pretty much spoil them to death?  If so, your little one deserves to sleep in only the finest beds.  That’s why I want to show off some of our designer dog beds.  These designer dog beds are all absolutely stunning and gorgeous.  Keep in mind that these aren’t your everyday dog beds.  These designer dog beds are all made with the highest quality material and the finest details.  Some of these dog beds aren’t cheap either, but I’m sure your little furry balls of royalty deserve them!

designer dog bed

This designer dog bed pictured above was made to resemble to famous Russian Faberge Eggs.  Great detail and attention was put into this super gorgeous dog bed.  From the delicate gold lace trim, the jeweled accessories, soft velvet exterior, and ultra plush interior, this designer dog bed is the most beautiful bed we have ever carried.  Only 500 of these in the world, don’t wait one more second to get your own.  Words cannot describe how NICE this bed is.  You’ve got to see it to believe it.

Next, we have our beautiful canopy dog bed.  This designer dog bed is definitely a must for any princess.  The faux fur and soft sponge pillow will guarantee that your dog gets their beauty nap. 

designer dog bed

Last, we have this absolutely beautiful leopard print luxe lounger.  This bed will look great in any room of your house.  Your guests will never guess that it’s a dog bed. This designer dog bed is perfect for those little dogs with an attitude!

designer dog bed

Be sure to check out the rest of our designer dog bed selection here.

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Trouble Finding Teacup Dog Clothes? Look No Further

April 8th, 2008 · No Comments

Many people are kind of confused on the term ‘Teacup’ when it comes to dogs.  Many people will come up to me and ask if my Yorkie, Munchkin, is a Teacup dog.  Sometimes, when I’m just tired of answering this question, I simply reply “Yes, she’s a teacup.”  Then this is usually followed up by a bunch of  “awwww! she’s soooo cute!”  But in actuality, there is no actual breed known as ‘Teacup Yorkies’ or ‘Teacup Chihuahuas’ or ‘Teacup Pomeranians” or “Teacup you fill in the toy breed here”.  Simply put, these so called teacups are not a different breed of dog.  They are simply smaller than normal.  Sometimes, smaller dogs come about because they are the runt of a litter.  Sometimes, smaller sized dogs are bred on purpose through many years of breeding for that particular size.   But in no means are teacups a whole different breed of dog.  Teacup dogs should only be used as a description.

So what if you have a teacup dog?  I know you are just dying to find them some cute teacup dog clothes.  Well, this is probably easier said than done.  Not many boutiques specialize in teacup dog clothes like we do.  Our business started because we couldn’t find clothes that would fit our little 2 pound Yorkie.  When I say teacup dog clothes, I’m talking about clothes that will fit a dog anywhere between 1 and 5 lbs.  Pretty small isn’t it!  Its hard to imagine, but teeny tiny clothes for dogs this size do actually exist, and Swank Pets definitely has a huge selection of teacup dog clothes to choose from. 

Now I’ve never seen a full grown dog at 1 lbs before, and if I did, I think I would be looking at the world’s smallest dog.  So the clothes we carry that fit dogs at 1 lbs are meant for teacup puppy clothes.  If you just brought home a cute little teacup puppy, we can help you find some ultra cute and trendy teacup puppy clothes.  I guarantee that you will not find cuter or more gorgeous teacup puppy clothes anywhere else besides here at Swank Pets.

Here are some pieces of teacup dog clothes that we have to offer. Visit our site to see our entire collection and available sizes.

teacup puppy clothes

teacup dog clothes

teacup dog clothes

teacup puppy clothes

teacup puppy clothes

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