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Almost a Yorkie’s Last Christmas

January 10th, 2008 · No Comments

I know dog’s are known to swallow all sort of objects, which is very frightening of course. Take this one story of a Yorkie that ends up swallowing a star decoration that usually goes on top of a Christmas tree!  Supposedly, the 5 month old Yorkie named Charlie was rummaging around his owner’s Christmas decoration bin. Unfortunately, he got a hold of the star ornament. His owner initially thought a bone was stuck in her dog’s throat, but an X-Ray shows otherwise.

Yorkie eats Christmas ornament

Charlie’s owner quickly rushed him to the vet where Charlie the Yorkie was placed under general anesthesia. From there, the star ornament was removed with a pair of forceps. Charlie made a full recovery and probably now hates Christmas ornaments.

yorkie swallows christmas ornament

The situation could have been a lot worse and I think the best scenario played out in this situation. Many dogs die from choking on objects that get lodged in their windpipes. During their puppy stages in life, dogs don’t know any better but to chew, bite and swallow everything they can fit their mouths around. Its very important to puppy proof your house before you bring your puppy home. Put away any objects on the floor or within reach that you think your puppy can chew and swallow. If you have a doubt about something, just put it away. Trust me on this, dogs will get into mischief quicker than you can blink an eye. Even if you think something is impossible, your dog will find a way to make it possible.

Start by picking up smaller objects around your house. These are the things that your dog are likely to swallow and choke on. Larger objects can be chewed into little pieces and then swallowed, so beware of these also. Another hazard for your dog are electrical cords. I know these are lying all around the entire house, but these are very dangerous. If your dog happens to chew through the insulation there is a very high probability of your dog being electrocuted. I suggest possibly running cords underneath the carpet or placing a hard cover over the cords. I’m pretty sure you can find something at Home Depot that can alleviate this problem.

Also, beware of any cleaning chemicals or solutions that you have in unprotected areas. If you have these dangerous chemicals sitting around the house, make sure they are properly stored away in cabinets. Larger dogs may be able to get into cabinets, so you may want to consider putting child looks on your cabinet doors. I know it sounds extreme, but I can guarantee that this has happened to many people. If you think your child can get into something, then your dog or puppy definitely can.

I hope we all take precautions and help reduce the risk of our dogs swallowing something that could harm them.

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