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My Problem with Dog Strollers

April 22nd, 2008 · No Comments

So I’m driving home the other day and I see a lady walking on the sidewalk with a double stroller.  The stroller was set side by side as opposed to back to back if you can picture that.  As I drove by, I kind of peered over hoping to see a couple of cute babies. but to my surprise, I see 2 hairy Chihuahuas!  Now this isn’t the first time I’ve seen people push their dogs in strollers, but I was completely surprised because I just kept expecting to see human babies.  Now I know many of us feel that our dogs are our babies, but I have a little problem with people pushing their dogs around in strollers everywhere they go. 

doggy stoller

For one, it totally deprives your dog of the proper exercise they require.  If you’re going for a walk around the neighborhood, then why not take that opportunity to walk your dog also.  Exercise is such a vital part of your dog’s health and pushing your dog in a stroller does nothing for them except for getting them a sun tan.  Furthermore on the subject, I think that pushing your dog in a stroller on a constant basis will eventually train your dog that a stroller is only way to travel.  I bet that these dogs that are pushed around in dog strollers all day have become accustomed to their stroller and refuse to walk.  Why do I believe this?  Well, some people feel that they have to hold their dogs in their arms 24/7.  Its a great thing that you want to be close to your dog as much as possible, but your dog will soon be accustomed to this treatment.  I’ve been to dog parks where some dogs refuse to play.  What are they doing you ask?  They’re scratching their owners leg and jumping up and down begging and barking for their owners to pick them up.  These dogs refuse to play and socialize and would rather be held by mommy or daddy.  The same thing will apply to people who push their dogs around in doggy strollers. The dogs will only want to stay in their ’safety spot’ of their stroller wherever they go. 

Don’t get me wrong, I hold my dogs quite a bit, but I also make sure that they get plenty of exercise and that they socialize and play with other dogs at the park.  Who knows, perhaps some of these dogs have a medical problem that prevents them from walking.  In that case, a dog stroller is just fine.  But if you’re pushing your dog around in a doggy stroller because it looks cute, then do yourself and your dog a favor and trash it.  Your dog will benefit from walking a lot more.  Besides, that’s what their four legs are meant to do :)

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