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Trouble Finding Teacup Dog Clothes? Look No Further

April 8th, 2008 · No Comments

Many people are kind of confused on the term ‘Teacup’ when it comes to dogs.  Many people will come up to me and ask if my Yorkie, Munchkin, is a Teacup dog.  Sometimes, when I’m just tired of answering this question, I simply reply “Yes, she’s a teacup.”  Then this is usually followed up by a bunch of  “awwww! she’s soooo cute!”  But in actuality, there is no actual breed known as ‘Teacup Yorkies’ or ‘Teacup Chihuahuas’ or ‘Teacup Pomeranians” or “Teacup you fill in the toy breed here”.  Simply put, these so called teacups are not a different breed of dog.  They are simply smaller than normal.  Sometimes, smaller dogs come about because they are the runt of a litter.  Sometimes, smaller sized dogs are bred on purpose through many years of breeding for that particular size.   But in no means are teacups a whole different breed of dog.  Teacup dogs should only be used as a description.

So what if you have a teacup dog?  I know you are just dying to find them some cute teacup dog clothes.  Well, this is probably easier said than done.  Not many boutiques specialize in teacup dog clothes like we do.  Our business started because we couldn’t find clothes that would fit our little 2 pound Yorkie.  When I say teacup dog clothes, I’m talking about clothes that will fit a dog anywhere between 1 and 5 lbs.  Pretty small isn’t it!  Its hard to imagine, but teeny tiny clothes for dogs this size do actually exist, and Swank Pets definitely has a huge selection of teacup dog clothes to choose from. 

Now I’ve never seen a full grown dog at 1 lbs before, and if I did, I think I would be looking at the world’s smallest dog.  So the clothes we carry that fit dogs at 1 lbs are meant for teacup puppy clothes.  If you just brought home a cute little teacup puppy, we can help you find some ultra cute and trendy teacup puppy clothes.  I guarantee that you will not find cuter or more gorgeous teacup puppy clothes anywhere else besides here at Swank Pets.

Here are some pieces of teacup dog clothes that we have to offer. Visit our site to see our entire collection and available sizes.

teacup puppy clothes

teacup dog clothes

teacup dog clothes

teacup puppy clothes

teacup puppy clothes

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