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Is Your Dog Cheating On You?

May 3rd, 2008 · No Comments

When we buy our new puppies, we usually assume that our new little babies will be our best friends.  We picture our dogs following us where ever we go, sleeping in our arms, and never leaving our sides.  We envision a new best friend that will never betray us or leave us for someone else, after all, dogs are supposed to be the most loyal animals on the planet.  However, do you sometimes get the feeling that your dog is cheating on you?  Do you feel that the dog YOU bought and brought home gives more attention to someone else in the house?  The dog YOU spoil with tons of cute and trendy dog clothes, the dog YOU spoil with fancy designer dog beds and dog carriers, the dog YOU give endless treats to……..is possibly cheating on you?  Well, I’ve been very suspicious lately about my dogs cheating on me. 

are you cheating on me?

You see, my Fiance’ lives me and I see that my dogs seem to cuddle up with him more than they want to cuddle with me.  When I try to look for them, they’re always on his lap sleeping while he watches TV.  When I try to call for them they don’t come to me because they’re busy playing with daddy.  I mean, what’s going on here?  Aren’t I the one that they should be giving all the attention to?  I bathe my dogs, feed my dogs, take them to the groomers, but they just seem to love their dad more.  When I scold my dogs for doing something naughty, who do they run to……daddy.  You know, this isn’t what I signed up for.

If you suspect that your dogs are cheating on you, here are 5 tell tale signs.

1.  When there are 2 people on the same couch, who’s lap does your dog jump on first?  If its not yours, there’s a good chance that your dog is cheating on you.  I know how it is. You both get home from a tough days work and now its time to relax.  What better way to relax than some TV and your little fur baby in your lap.  But wait a second, your dog doesn’t even want to sit with you.  They automatically jump onto your significant other’s lap and nestle in for a nap.  There goes that plan for a night with you and your and your dog.

2.  For those that allow your dogs to sleep in your bed, watch to see who your dogs spends most of the night with.  My dogs always end up snuggling right next to my fiance’.  Its like clock work for them.  Once the lights go off, they jump into bed and go right next to him. They don’t even bother coming over next to me to say ‘goodnite’.  This is definitely another bad sign that your dog is cheating on you.

3.  When your dog has just done something naughty and you scold them, who do they run to?  My dog’s usually run right between my Fiance’s legs in hopes that he can protect them from their evil witch-of-a-mother.  It’s like they see me strictly as their disciplinarian…and him as their savior!  What’s going on here?  This is definitely another sign that your dog’s are cheating on you.

4. How about this one.  My Fiance and I once had a disagreement over who our dogs love more.  Me or him.  This was more of a joke, but we decided the way to settle the issue was with an experiment.  We would place our dog in the middle with each of us on opposite sides.  Then we would both call for our dog to see who she would go to.  Who do you think she ran to?  Yup, you guessed it…she ran to him.  Very disappointing, but yet another sign that your dog is cheating on you.

5. Lastly, I don’t what it is, but my dogs go absolutely nuts whenever my Fiance’ comes home.  He could go to the store for 5 minutes, but the second he comes home, they go bonkers.  Their tails wag while they run around the house like maniacs. I mean 5 minutes….how could you miss someone for 5 minutes?  You can only guess what happens when he comes home from work.  They actually sit by the door about an hour before he comes home anticipating the moment the door knob turns with him entering with his gracious presence. Once he comes in, its like he has steak and hot dogs secretly attached to his body because they just maul him with licks and kisses for 5 minutes straight. You want to know what happens when I come home?  I get blank stares from my dogs, and if I’m lucky, maybe a few tail wags.  Sad…very sad I tell you.  And a very good sign that your dogs are definitely cheating on you.

All in all, I’m glad that my dogs love my Fiance’ so much.  However, I’m sure I’m not the only victim to cheating dogs.  This phenomenon happens all across the country and spread like a wild plague.  How can you stop it from happening?  I wish I knew the answer : (

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