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Is Your Dog Marking? Stop Them With a Small Dog Diaper

May 15th, 2008 · No Comments

For those of you with male dogs, you’ve probably run into the problem with marking.  You know, where your little guy lifts his leg and pees on spots that he feels need to be noticed.  Of course, this is a completely natural behavior so you can’t get mad at him for it…but it sure gets annoying when your furniture starts to smell like urine!  One remedy that I’ve used to alleviate this habit in our house is with a small male dog diaper. These male dog diapers are designed with a patented “P-pocket” to fit comfortably around your dogs waist.  The hoop and loop closure allow you to adjust the fit so that your little guy can stay comfortable all day long. What’s better are the cool designs and patterns that these dog diapers are available in.  If you’re going to pee, why not look cool doing it?  The “P-pocket” is lined with terry cloth so you can just toss them in the washing machine when the diapers get dirty.  We have about 4 of these male dog diapers lying around so we can rotate them as they get dirty or washed. 

These male dog diapers are also excellent for puppies.  While you’re in the potty training process, you can use these to prevent accidents on the carpet.  As you slowly get your puppy potty trained, you can start removing the dog diaper as necessary.  I encourage many of our customers to try this male dog diaper out if they are getting frustrated with accidents all over the house.  Just remember, they’re just puppies and you need to be patient.  Hopefully these doggy diapers can help with their potty training process.

Also, I know many of you are just dying to sleep with your puppy in bed but are afraid that they’ll make an accident in the middle of night.  With these male dog diapers, you can sleep soundly throughout the night without having to worry about waking up in the middle of the night to a pee puddle on you sheets!

Here are the 3 styles of male dog diapers that we carry. All of them are super cute and comfortable.  It might be a good idea to call us before placing an order.  We have a general idea of what size dog diaper your dog may need according to their weight, but dogs come in all sorts of shapes!

camo male dog diaper

black suede male dog diaper

brown suede male dog diaper

We also have female dog diapers.  If your dog is not spayed, then she will usually come into heat every 6 months.  Those of you with un-spayed female dogs know how this can be a problem…especially if you have white sheets or furniture in the house, YUCK!  But now you can simply use one of these female dog diapers whenever your female dog comes into heat.  Again, you can also use these female dog diapers for puppies as you’re potty training them.  These doggy diapers will definitely reduce the amount of accidents that end up on your floor or furniture. 

female dog diaper

Good luck and here’s no more pee accidents!

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