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Paris Hilton Gets Denied at Pet Store…But Let’s Not Hate

June 30th, 2008 · No Comments

I know this is kind of old news, but I still thought it was pretty funny.  Some of you may have heard that couple weeks back, Paris Hilton walked into a pet store on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles and wanted to buy a Yorkie puppy.  Apparently, sources said that Paris Hilton wanted the puppy because she was on her way to a photo shoot and thought the puppy would make the picture look cuter.  In other words, the Yorkie puppy would have been a pure impulse buy.  Well, one of the workers denied Paris Hilton from buying the puppy because the worker felt that Paris Hilton was simply buying the Yorkie puppy on total impulse.  Needless to say, Paris Hilton went berserk in the store and threw a huge temper tantrum screaming out “I love my puppies! I want my baby!!!”  Unfortunately, the kicking and screaming from Paris did not work in her favor causing Paris to leave the store in a tirade.

paris hilton with her puppies

So to fill people in on the story with Paris Hilton, many have accused her of mistreating her puppies because she just has so many of them.  People probably think that anyone with that many dogs cannot possibly give the required time and attention that each individual dog requires.  Now if you follow my blog, I wrote an article here a couple of months back defending Paris Hilton.  Even though Paris had so many dogs..I believe it was somewhere in the twenties…I still felt that she genuinely loved and cared for her pets.  I still think she genuinely loves animals and all her puppies.  However, it just seems very irresponsible to buy a new puppy just because it will look cute in a photo shoot.  Who knows, maybe Paris Hilton would truly take the time to love and nurture this new Yorkie puppy, and maybe she does indeed take very good care of every single one of her dogs.  If she doesn’t, I’m sure she pays someone to take care of them for her while she is working, shopping, or partying. <<<< I think those three things may actually be the same thing for her. 

Now think about this.  Yes, buying a puppy JUST for a photo shoot is very horrible and I am glad the pet shop owner denied Paris Hilton the puppy.  Better yet, I wouldn’t be surprised if that Yorkie puppy was from a PUPPY MILL!  So denying that sale actually helps out a teeny little bit in stopping the support of puppy mills.  However, I digress.  The point is, many many people, I’d say the majority, buy puppies from pet stores as an impulse buy.  They walk in to just look…and then walk out 20 minutes later with a brand new puppy that they probably have no idea how to take care of.  I’m sure the pet shops have no problem selling to these everyday impulse shoppers.  Heck, that’s how pet shops stay in business!

So all in all, we can’t say that Paris Hilton is so bad especially when many other people buy puppies on the spur of the moment.  However, I will not go and condone Paris Hilton for shopping at pet shops (puppy mill supporters) and buying a puppy because she thought it would look cute in a photo shoot.  I will still stand by my belief that she is overall a good owner, because there are many worse out there.  Now go ahead and let me hear it!

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