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Warm Up in Winter with Cozy Dog Clothes

October 29th, 2008 · No Comments

Well, it looks like the Winter months are quickly approaching, and the weather is starting to get chilly.  Heck, its even snowing in some parts of the country.  To be honest, its been pretty toasty here in San Diego.  85 degress in the middle of October is a little strange, but I guess we do live in the desert.  Geez…looks like global warming is really setting in.  At any rate, it will start to get really cold soon…even in San Diego, so we need to start thinking of ways to keep our little furry ones warm.

As many of you small dog owners know, toy breed dogs tend to get cold much easier than larger dogs.  Teacup and toy breed dogs just don’t have the same amount of fat and insulation that larger breed dogs have.  I’m sure many of you have seen those shivering Chihuahua’s when the weather gets cold.  My little Yorkie Munchkin starts to shiver uncontrollably when she gets cold too, and she usually has a good thick coat on her unless we give her a puppy cut during the Summer.  However, weighing under 2 lbs, Munchkin doesn’t have a whole lot of meat to keep her warm.

One of the best ways we keep our little dogs warm is with dog sweaters and dog jackets.  When the weather gets really cold, we bundle them up with a dual layer combination of either a dog shirt and sweater or even a dog sweater and a dog jacket on top.  I’ve found that these work extremely well in keeping your little dog warm during the cold frigid Winter months.  If you live in the Mid West or East Coast, I would highly recommend getting your little some extra warm dog clothing.  And what’s even better, Swankpets offers a huge selection of highly fashionable dog clothes so your little baby will look glamorous and keep warm at the same time. 

Here are some cute dog clothes that will definitely keep your dog warm during Winter.  See our entire collection of dog clothes, please visit our site main site, Swankpets.

velour dog hoodie 

pink dog hoodie

hand knitted dog sweater

vintage dog sweater

pink fur dog coat

leopard print dog coat

plaid dog jacket

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