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2 Pound Yorkie Saves Woman During Seizure, But Loses An Eye

April 2nd, 2008 · No Comments

I read this story in the news and immediately thought of my little Yorkie Munchkin.  Since she also weighs almost 2 pounds and has big giant eyes, I thought about this happening to her and started to feel sad.  I’ll summarize the heroic but tragic story below.  WARNING, this is a pretty sad and graphic story, so please be prepared.

I’m not too sure where this took place, but it involved a woman named Dorothy, her husband Gary, and her little 2 pound Yorkie, Peggy Sue.  Apparently, Dorothy and her husband Gary decided to take an afternoon nap in their recliners at home.  Their Yorkie, Peggy Sue, was fast asleep on Gary’s lap.  Suddenly, Gary is awakened by Peggy Sue barking non-stop at Dorothy’s face.  When Gary turned to look over at Dorothy, he noticed her shaking uncontrollably.  He also noticed her lips turning blue with no response to any of his questions.  He suddenly knew that she was having a seizure.  In a panic, he yelled for his housemates downstairs to call 911.  The couple also had another dog, a black border collie that they kept outside. 

Preparing to get Dorothy to the hospital, Gary let his border collie inside.  Being a very protective pet and noticing the little Yorkie, Peggy Sue, barking at Dorothy, the collie immediately thought that Peggy Sue was trying to harm Dorothy.  Out of  instinct, the collie suddenly grabbed Peggy Sue by the head so hard that the poor Yorkie’s eyes had popped out of her head.  Still in a panic, Gary put Peggy Sue in the bathroom away from harm, and rushed to the hospital with his wife.  Fortunately, their neighbors were able to take the Yorkie to the vet to have one of her eyes removed and sewn shut.  The other eye was saved, but Peggy Sue still suffers from partial blindness out of that eye.

The good news is that Dorothy survived the tragic seizure, but her heroic Yorkie has almost lost her eye sight.  If Peggy Sue never barked to wake up Gary, chances are that she would have died. 

Personally, I’ve heard of dogs being able to predict seizures and the ability to detect cancer.  Perhaps I’ll do some research on this and save it for another post.  Either way, this story was both heroic and tragic at the same time.  However, the story did leave a sour taste in my mouth.  I don’t understand why the border collie acted so aggressively towards the Yorkie.  The news story may have left out some information, but if the two dogs live together, I would figure that they should know each other well enough to not attack one another.  It almost sounds like the owners have done a poor job training and raising this collie because of the aggressive nature that it exhibited.  If the collie was properly brought up, this incident should have never happened as far as the injury to the Yorkie.  That’s why this story kind of makes me mad. 

 Dog owners must take full responsibilty of their pets for their sake and their pets’ sake.  When owners ignore the proper discipline and training required for a pet, it just shows how irrepsonsible and undeserving they are of owning a dog.  I’m just ranting and I know I don’t have the whole story, but it still makes me mad that a poor Yorkie lost her eye sight.

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Complications of Wet Dog Food

March 30th, 2008 · 5 Comments

Many people are always curious about which is the best type of dog food.  Its only natural for us to want to feed only the best foods for our dogs.  I’ve actually written a couple articles and posts related to dog food.  I think your dog’s diet is one of the most important things in your dog’s life.  Just like humans, a healthy diet will mean a healthy dog.  I can’t stress enough how important it is to feed your dog the correct type of food.  This is a pretty good article I wrote on choosing the best type of dog food in general.  It goes over what your dog needs in their nutrition and some dog foods that I recommend.  It was a little more focused on food for small and toy dog breeds.  I also wrote a blog post on how to prepare home cooked dogs meals if you care to check it out.

merrick canned dog food

Anyhow, I’d like to discuss the complications that wet dog food can cause in our dogs.  In general, you’ll want to feed your dogs dry kibble.   The dry kibble is great for cleaning teeth and keeping their teeth healthy.  The crunchy kibble will help reduce bad breath and even helps with keeping a healthy and strong jaw.  The problem with wet dog food is that this moist and wet food can easily become lodged in your dog’s teeth.  When the wet dog food becomes trapped in their teeth, it starts to decay and cause plaque build up.   In a nutshell, this is the major problem with wet dog food.  I’ve also written a blog on the importance of good dog hygiene and how to brush your dog’s teeth.

I’m not saying that wet dog food should never be fed to your dog.  I’m sure your dog drools when they see that can of yummy wet goodness splash into their dog bowls.   I would use the wet dog food more as a treat rather than a normal consistent meal.  What we do a lot of times with our dogs is mix in about half wet dog food and half dry kibble.  This way, the kibble can still do its cleaning job, and your dog still gets to have some super yummy food.  I mean lets face it, that dry kibble we feed our dogs looks really unappetizing.   On the other hand, there have been times where I was tempted to eat some of their canned food because it smelled so good!

The only other time I would feed my dogs wet canned food is if they refuse to absolutely eat anything else.  To be more specific, if you own a toy breed puppy, it is imperative that they eat on a regular basis.  If you have a really small toy breed puppy that refuses to eat, your puppy can start to become hypoglycemic, a very serious and often fatal condition if not treated correctly.  So if you have a little teeny tiny puppy that won’t eat anything else except canned dog food, then feed them canned food.  You can always change your puppies diet as they grow older and have less of a danger with bouts of hypoglycemia.

All in all, lets do our dog’s a favor and leaved the canned dog food for treats and special occasions.  You will have a healthier dog and that is the most important thing.  As always, consult with your veterinarian on anything related to your dog’s health.

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Trendy Purses For Small Dogs

March 28th, 2008 · No Comments

So perhaps you’ve just gotten a new puppy or maybe you’ve had your dog for a while now. Either way, many women these days are looking for chic and trendy ways to keep their little babies with them at all times. Some women complain that their dog carriers are too bulky or too large to carry around on a regular basis. I can agree that carrying these small dog carriers while shopping at the mall can be quite a nuisance. This new line of trendy purses for small dogs are an absolute must have dog accessory. Not only are they absolutely gorgeous and fashionable, they do a great job of keeping your little one safe by your side at all times. Many of our customers have mentioned that the best things about these trendy purses for small dogs is that they look like normal purses! No one will ever suspect that you have a little furry baby sitting snugly inside your purse. We’ve gotten many compliments from normal everyday people asking where they can get a purse just like ours. When we tell them that its actually a purse for small dogs, they are absolutely in awe.

trendy purses for small dogs

All these trendy purses for small dogs are made with the utmost quality and detail in mind. The fabrics for these dog purses range from a natural linen look to a more sophisticated patent leather appeal. Whatever your taste is, you will not be disappointed with either of these ultra trendy purses for small dogs. Each small dog purse provides many useful features and meticulous detail. Each carrier comes with machine washable quilted comfort cushion so your baby can stay snug for hours on end. The security leash inside the dog purse itself ensures that your dog will not jump out. The pockets inside [Read more →]

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Dealing With Your Dog’s Aggression Part 2

March 26th, 2008 · 1 Comment

Okay, now that I am awake again, this is Part 2 of the series “Dealing with your Dog’s Aggression”. You can read part 1 here.

aggressive dog funny


The pack drive is usually associated with reproduction and being part of a group. Dogs that exhibit the pack drive may show signs of aggression towards people, attack other dogs, and not failing to stop an attack on another dog. These aggressive behaviors are seen a lot in dogs that leave their mothers too early. I’ve stressed this point a lot in previous posts, but puppies should leave their mother at around 10 – 12 weeks of age at the soonest. Any breeder that lets a puppy go any earlier is acting irresponsibly and your business should go elsewhere. Anyhow, at the age of 5 to 7 weeks, a puppy learns many instincts from their mother, such as canine body language. This canine body language pretty much teaches a puppy that they are dogs. Puppies that do not learn this canine body language tend to exhibit more aggressive behavior towards other dogs and sometimes humans.

To manage a dog that exhibits this type of behavior, you may try using these techniques:

[

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Dealing With Your Dog’s Aggression

March 24th, 2008 · No Comments


The term Aggression may have different meanings to different people. For example, some people may think that a dog that barks and growls at people as they walk by the house is aggressive. However, the dog is simply claiming their territory which is perfectly normal. The official definition (okay, official in my mind) is a dog that bites uncontrollably and unpredictably without any sort of warning. I know many people may disagree, but I think that most dogs that are considered “aggressive” are only acting out of their environment or upbrining. Most aggressive incidents are actually predictable, provoked, or both.

mean and funny dog cartoon


When you think of aggressive dogs, pictures of vicious Pitbulls and Rottweilers probably come to mind. However, aggressive dogs come in all sorts of sizes and breeds. Even toy breed dogs can be “aggressive”, but this is [Read more →]

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Lets Hear it For the Boys! Camo Dog Clothes and Harnesses

March 20th, 2008 · No Comments

So you think you’ve got a tough little pup, huh? Is he the type that walks around the house thinking that he owns the place. Does he run around and terrorize the other dogs in your house even though he’s a quarter of their size? If so, it sounds like you’ve got Tuff Little guy on your hands. Little boy dogs with these characteristics need to wear the proper attire to match their little attitudes. What better pattern screams “Tough!” more than camo. Yes, that’s right, Camo Dog Clothes! The camo pattern has been around for many, many years. Of course we know it all originated from the military, but many modern designers today have incorporated the camo look in many of their outfits. We see many trendy designers not only for humans using this pattern, but also for dog clothes.

Camo dog clothes are in essence the perfect way to distinguish your little baby from the rest. I know I just used the term ‘baby’, but we still want everyone to know how tough our dog is even though he may be the most loving and cuddling thing in the world. Anyhow, we get asked a LOT about carrying small clothes for boy dogs. I agree, a lot of our dog clothes are best suited for girl dogs, however, many of our small dog clothes are also unisex. But if you’re tired of people always asking “Is that a boy or a girl?”, then these small camo dog clothes and harnesses are perfect for you and your fur baby.

camo dog clothes

The camo dog harness pictured above is absolutely great for boy dogs. Most importantly, these small dog camo harnesses are the safest methods for walking your dog. The benefit of using a harness is that it places the pressure on your dog’s chest. A dog collar, on the other hand, puts most of the pressure on your dog’s throat and trachea, which is a lot more delicate than their chest. Anyhow, this small dog camo harness is made from high quality mesh and cotton trim. It also features a sturdy D-ring to attach the leash of your choice. If you’re looking for a small dog harness for hot muggy days, then this is your answer. The mesh will definitely help keep your pooch cool and safe all day long.

Next, pictured below, another one of our popular camo dog harnesses. This one is little more trendy as you can see from [Read more →]

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Gisele’s Yorkie is Feeling a Little Gloomy

March 18th, 2008 · No Comments

It seems like Gisele Bundchen, the former face of Victoria’s Secret, owns a cute little Yorkie also. She was spotted leaving her posh apartment in New York’s west village about to bring her Yorkie puppy to the vet. Hopefully her little baby is OK! Tom Brady, New England Patriots quarterback, was also seen leaving Gisele’s apartment. From the look on Gisele’s face, it looks like she’s a bit concerned for her Yorkie.

gisele and her yorkie

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Trendy Dog Clothes

March 17th, 2008 · No Comments

Ok, I’ve talked about cute dog clothes and small dog clothes, and even teacup dog clothes. However, I want to focus on some really trendy dog clothes. I’m talking about dog clothing that Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie would sport on their pups. These types of dog apparel have a more modern and pop culture flare to them. If you think your pooch is a true hipster, then pay attention. Heck, if you’re a true hipster yourself, you’ll probably find some of these trendy dog clothes a must have addition to your little babies wardrobe. Trendy to me is something that you don’t see everyday. Trendy people are the fashion forward that wear the clothes you don’t see at on everyone else. They tend to make a statement with their wardrobe and the trendy dog clothes that I’m about to showcase will definitely make a statement. I know for a fact that you will have people pointing and looking from all directions when your pup struts their stuff down the street, at the mall, or anywhere else you go.

trendy dog clothes

[

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Understanding Your Dog’s Sex Life

March 14th, 2008 · No Comments

Ever wonder about your dog’s sex life and sex habits? If not, its time to learn. Since sex is such a hot topic when it comes to humans, I figure that I’d bring it up with dogs. First, dogs are  very close relatives to wolves, however their sexual behavior is quite different. The first dogs were derived from wild wolves, and over many years of evolution, our dogs have become  what we know today.

As I mentioned earlier, dogs are quite different from their wild counterparts in terms of sex. Dogs are a lot more promiscuous when it comes to sex. That’s right, as much as we would like to deny the fact, our little babies are sex addicts! Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating, but dogs do not stick to one mate their entire lives. If you have a male dog, I’m sure you’ve seen him running around the dog park trying to hump every thing and everybody! Wolves are different in that they usually tend to stick to one mate for their entire lives. However, don’t blame your little babies for being such roaming casanovas because this trait was actually bred into them by humans.

Another trait that we see in dogs is that they reach sexual maturity at a much younger age than wolves. Dogs tend to reach sexual maturity at around 7 to 10 months. Wolves on the hand reach their sexual maturity at about 22 to 24 months of age. Smaller breed dogs tend to reach sexual maturity at an even younger age than large dogs. That probably explains your little teeny tiny humper! Male dogs are pretty much able to breed anywhere and anytime. However, wolves can only breed during a short period time.

Once your female comes into heat, you will probably notice a difference in her behavior. She may get more playful with male dogs, but she may also become more aggressive to other female dogs. Male dogs can smell and sense a female in heat up to a quarter mile away. And I thought Superman had some pretty crazy senses. Anyhow, its not always the dominant male dogs that get to breed with a female. If a female does not want to breed with a dominant male, she will lay on her back or on her side so he cannot breed with her. Weaker males that are rejected can sometimes get a little nip or bite to let them know that they aren’t wanted. Harsh world isn’t it? Can you imagine a girl at a nightclub nipping at guys’ noses as they try to hit on her?

Dogs also have different breeding cycles than wolves. Female dogs usually come into heat about twice a year. Wolves, on the other hand come into heat only once a year.  We can obviously see that the first people that were breeding dogs obviously wanted dogs to be able to produce more puppies.  Today, we kind of see the opposite fact because there are so many dogs in humane societys.

Well, I hope this short look into your dog’s sex life can help you understand a little more why you dog may do what they do.

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Woman Fined $1000 for Making Her Poodle Pink

March 11th, 2008 · No Comments

So it seems like someone has received a $1000 fine for dying their Poodle€™s hair pink.  I€™ve seen it a couple times on the street, where a pink poodle is walking down the street.  I think I saw that lead singer from Twisted Sister on MTV Cribs with a pink poodle also.  It was strange to see a heavy metal rock star with pink poodle by the way.  I also saw a green Maltese this past weekend because of St. Patrick€™s Day.  Anyway, it appears that Joy Douglas out of Denver, Colorado received this fine after she was told on several other occasions by animal control to stop dying her poodle pink.  Supposedly, there is a law in Denver that prohibits any body from dying animals, rabbits or livestock.  This seems like a very quirky law to make, but I guess it was put in effect by the city to prevent people from dying rabbits and baby chicks during Easter.  I don€™t ever recall seeing pink chickens or rabbits, but I guess they run rampant in Denver.

pink poodle

[

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Is Paris Hilton Really That Bad?

March 6th, 2008 · No Comments

So Paris Hilton is in the news again, but this time it doesn’t involve pictures of her getting drunk at Hyde Nightclub, nor does it involve any sort of hidden sex tapes. This time she’s in the news for potentially housing 17 dogs in her Hollywood mansion. Supposedly Paris Hilton appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show and revealed that some of her dogs had puppies which brought her dog total to 17! I guess there is a law that maximizes the number of dogs allowed in a household, probably for sanitary reasons. Anyhow, soon after the show aired, animal services began an investigation to get down to the bottom of everything. Although Paris wanted to keep all the puppies, she was forced to give away 7 of her puppies to her stylist and friends. Some people have been criticizing her for keeping so many dogs in her house. Many people argue that she’s a bad pet owner and she doesn’t deserve to have these dogs. Some critics also argue that Paris Hilton abandoned her original Chihuahua, Tinkerbell, because she got too big.

paris hilton and her Chihuahua, tinkerbell

Well, I have to disagree with a lot people. Although Paris Hilton is often in the limelight and in the news for things we hope our children will never do, I have to say that I really think Paris Hilton is a genuine animal lover and great dog owner. [Read more →]

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Trendy Dog Clothes

March 3rd, 2008 · No Comments

With so many celebrities owning  dogs these days, it’s no surprise that you see a Hollywood star dressing their dog in the trendiest dog clothes.  Paris Hilton’s dogs can’t get caught dead without a hip looking dog dress or t shirt on.  Paris Hilton, along with many other stars’ dogs always need to be styling for the paparazzi cameras.  Many of these Hollywood stars dress their pups up in hottest and trendiest dog fashion on the planet.  From glamorous dog dresses to stunning dog shirts, these dogs need to be looking their best all the time.  And we all know that these hip Hollywood socialites are the biggest fashion trend setters so why not dress our own dogs up like stars?  Swank Pets offers a HUGE selection of ultra chic fashion for the trendy minded.  Our trendy dog clothes are worn by many Hollywood dogs.

trendy dog clothes

[

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Relax in Style With Some Dog Furniture

February 27th, 2008 · No Comments

So us humans have these comfortable things in our houses called furniture.  Many times, we use furniture to relax and be unwind.  So why shouldn’t our dogs have furniture too?  They need to relax and take a load off every now and then also…..don’t they?  I mean, our dogs spend all their lives working hard trying to make us happy.  And let me tell you, making us happy is no easy task.  However, to be honest, I’m pretty easy to please when it comes to my dogs.  I could have the worse day at work, but when I come home to wagging tails and bright eyes, my day is suddenly not so bad anymore.  Anyhow, I’ve seemed to digress, so how can we treat our dogs while treating ourselves at the same time you may ask? The answer is dog furniture! Yes, furniture that your dog can actually sit on or sleep in.  We recently decided to sell some our dog furniture online, so check these out and enjoy.

Most of the following are teacup dog furniture.  Meaning these probably won’t be able to fit a pug or a Boston Terrier.  The sofas, chairs and couches are really meant for small teacup dogs.  Using these dog sofas and chairs as photo props is a great way to utilize the dog furniture shown below.  Imagine the great portraits you can create with the dog furniture shown.  Or how about a Christmas card with your dog on the front.  Again, these would make excellent photo props for dogs.

teacup dog chaise lounge

The above teacup dog chaise lounger pictured above features solid hardwood and intricate fabric detail.  No expense was spared in making this one of a kind chaise lounge.  Can’t you just imagine your little fur baby laying down on this beautiful piece of dog furniture?  These also add a very unique charm to your house because they don’t look like your ordinary dog products.  These actually look like miniature versions of furniture that humans would use.

teacup dog chair

Next, we have a very gorgeous dog chair.  Again, these are meant for teacup dogs no more than 5 pounds.  I know this looks like some fancy Victorian chair at your grandmother’s house, but believe me, this is an actual chair for dogs.  This would make the perfect prop if you love taking portraits of your dog.

retro teacup dog sofa

Next, pictured above, we have a retro teacup dog sofa.  Something straight out of the 70′s, this gorgeous piece of dog furniture will add some nice accents to your house along with providing your little baby a comfy place to relax.  Again, made with high quality fabric and hardwood, this is an absolute must for any dog furniture aficionado.

Here are a few more of our favorite pieces of dog furniture.  Make sure to browse through our site for more selections of contemporary dog furniture, dog beds, dog sofas and more.

handmade dog bed

memory foam dog bed

handmade dog bed

memory foam dog bed

teacup dog couch

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5 Fun Rainy Day Activities for You and Your Dog

February 25th, 2008 · No Comments

So it seems like the Winter months are slowly coming to an end, but we’re still getting plenty of rain down here in San Diego. So if its raining here, I know it must be raining a lot more across the country…sorry to rub it in. Anyway, I don’t mind the rain every now and then, because I know we can enter a drought any time. But if it rains for more than 3 days in a row, I’m not going to be a very happy camper. Worse, the rain puts a big damper in outdoor dog activities. Forget about taking your dog to the park or a stroll along the beach. Heck, its even tough to take my dogs to use the bathroom when it rains. Every time I take my dogs to go potty on a rainy day, I end up having to wipe their feet down and drying their fur. Its becomes a big pain in the you know what when you repeat this 3 times a day for multiple dogs. Someone really needs to come up with an invention that keeps a dog completely dry when they go out on rainy days.

Anyhow, since we have to keep our dogs indoors on these wet and gloomy days, I figure I would come up with some fun things we can do with our dogs indoors.

pink raincoat for dogs

1. Watch a movie with your dog: This is one of my absolute favorite things to do on a rainy day. First I pop in a great DVD, hop on the couch in my PJ’s and a blanket, and then have my dogs all curl up around me. What more can you ask for on a rainy day? Oh yeah, some pizza or ice cream wouldn’t hurt either. [Read more →]

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10 Quirky Things Our Dogs Do

February 22nd, 2008 · No Comments

1. The infamous butt scoot! I know many dog owners that can attest to this behavior that still makes me laugh when I watch my dogs do this. It’s especially funny when I see my little 2 pound Yorkie scoot her teeny tiny butt across the floor. I know..its kind of gross, but I can’t stop but laugh when I see them do their little booty scoot. Some people probably hate when their dogs do this because they leave a little trail behind, if you know what I mean. Anyhow, this is just a natural behavior of dogs, so don’t get mad at them for ruining your carpet. When a dog€™s anal sacs get full of fluid and other gross bacteria, they scoot their butts on the floor to relieve this uncomfortable feeling of a full anal sac. You can remedy this by having a professional groomer €˜express€™ their anal glands on a regular basis.

2. The Bichon Blitz! This is a breed specific trait that I see in a lot of Bichon Frise breeds. At least once a day, my Bichon, Muffin, goes on this crazy run around the house at full speed while grunting. It looks like a big white whirlwind just went through our house, as papers, floor mats, and any other object that gets in her way goes flying through the air as she does her €œcrazy run€�. There’s also a specific pattern that she usually follows. She will run down the hallway, and dart into each room a few times and then run around the living room in a figure 8. She usually does this when I get home from work. I think she does it out of excitement, but either way, it€™s pretty entertaining to watch.

3. The Feed Me Frenzy! Every time I start walking towards my dogs’ food bowls, they start to do this funny €˜Feed Me€™ dance. It’s sort of like a ritualistic dance that they feel needs to be done in order to be fed. I don€™t even need to have food in my hands. They instinctively know that its meal time, and that€™s when the dance begins. It usually consists of some quick back and forth head motion, while their feet pitter patter around at a rapid pace. Quite a funny dance indeed.

4. Butt Sniffing. If you€™ve ever taken your dog to the dog park, I’m sure you’ve witnessed this strange method of greeting fellow dogs. I suppose they can€™t really shake paws like how we shake hands. But I always think it would be so funny if humans sniffed each others€™ behinds as a way of greeting one another!

do I know you?

[

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Site Map

February 20th, 2008 · No Comments

Swank Pets Dog Blog Sitemap [

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Wish your Dog Could Live Forever? Try Cloning Your Dog for $150,000

February 20th, 2008 · No Comments

Sometimes, Teresa and I talk about wishing that our dogs could live forever. We think how nice it would be if someone could think of some sort of invention or miracle drug that would make our dogs live indefinitely. Well, maybe not indefinitely, but the average life span of most dogs is about 12 -15 years and increasing that to maybe 100 years would be nice. It scares us to even think about our dogs not being with us. Now, there might be a solution, which a company based out of Seoul Korea has come up with.

The Korean biotech company, RNL Bio, has claimed that they can successfully clone a dog. Although the current success rate is only 25%, they mention that further research should prove a successful clone every time. All they require is a very good DNA sample from your dog, and a whopping $150,000. That’s right, cloning doesn’t come cheap these days, but supposedly there are hundreds of people lining up to get their dogs cloned.

Snuppy, the first Cloned Dog

[

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13th Annual Ugly Dog Contest, March 9th 2008

February 16th, 2008 · No Comments

Every year for the last 12 years, the Del Mar Kiwanis club has been putting on the Ugly Dog Contest.  This year, the event will take place on March 9th, 2008 from 11 AM – 3 PM.  As always, the event will take place at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in San Diego.  Here is the actual address:

Del Mar Fairgrounds

2260 Jimmy Durante

Del Mar, CA 92014 

Admission: $8.00 Adults

                    $ 2.00 Child 12 and under 

san diego ugly dog contest

The event will feature many other categories, although the event was made famous by the “Ugliest Dog” contest.  The event will feature 13 other categories which include:

  • Best St. Patty’s Day Costume
  • Adults Cutest Dog
  • Child’s Cutest Dog (child 16 and under)
  • Most Unusual Markings
  • Cutest Puppy
  • Dog Who Looks Like its Owner
  • Best Trick
  • Best Dog Costume (Adult)
  • Best Dog Costume (Chile 16 and under)
  • Best Mutt
  • Most Beautiful (Female)
  • Most Handsome (Male)
  • Adopt Me Please!

As you can see, there are many opportunities for your dog participate in the contests.  A prize is given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.  Entry fee for each category will  be $6.00, or $20.00 for entering 4 categories.  Make sure you register for the ugly dog contest online. The proceeds from the event will benefit the Rancho Coastal Human Society’s Animal Safe House program, and the Helen Woodward Therapeutic Riding Program.  Both are excellent non-profit organizations that help pets and humans alike.

The event is definitely a great, fun family event.  There will be lots of booths with food, doggy goodies, and other retailers.  Last year, the weather was absolutely perfect and the event was a blast.  Munchkin actually walked away with 1st Place for “Cutest Dog” category.  We were so proud of her.  Unfortunately, Muffin didn’t place in any of the events, but we still love her!  Below is a picture of Munchkin with her “Cutest Dog” trophy.

2007 cutest dog contest winner

So this year, be sure to make out to the 13th Annual Ugly Dog Contest. The event will take place rain or shine, so be sure to make it out with the entire family.

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New Dog Purse Carriers Just In!

February 11th, 2008 · No Comments

We recently got a lot of new dog purse carriers into our inventory. We’re pretty excited about these new dog purse carriers. They all look absolutely stunning and best of all, they don’t really look like pet carriers. These dog purse carriers look more like normal purses or handbags more than anything. Sure, they may be slightly larger than most handbags you see women carrying, however many movie stars are carrying around larger handbags these days. So not only will your dog be with you all the time, but you’ll be looking super trendy while you carry your little baby around in these hot new dog purse carriers.

dog purse carrier

[

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San Diego Dog Parks and Beaches

February 6th, 2008 · No Comments

If you currently live in San Diego or if you decide to take a vacation here, you might want to know where all the local dog parks and beaches are. These dog parks and beaches are all leash free so your dog can run around as much as their hearts desire. Being a coastal city also allows San Diego to have a couple dog beaches also. Not many cities can claim that they have a Dog Beach! Here are a list of some of the dog parks in and around San Diego. I’ve visited some of them, so I can give you my take on the parks I’ve been too. I have to admit I haven’t taken our dogs to the beach yet. I’m just afraid of how sandy and muddy my Yorkies and Bichon will become after they get back from the beach!

san diego dog parks

[

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How to Train Your Dog to Stay

February 4th, 2008 · No Comments

I must admit, smaller dogs seem a little tougher to train than larger dogs. I don’t have much experience with larger dogs, but I have many friends that do. I recall one friend that had their Doberman Pincher completely potty trained in 1 week! It took me nearly 6 months to completely potty train our little teacup Yorkie, Munchkin! However, I do have to admit that potty training toy dogs is much tougher because they do have really small bladders and require more frequent trips to the bathroom. Anyhow, the key to training any dog is patience and persistence. Also, never ever get angry or upset with you dog when you are training them. They are simply trying to learn and they are not perfect just like us.

how to train your dog to stay

In this post, I’m going to go over how to train your dog to stay.  The ‘Stay’ command means DON’T MOVE. Training your dog to stay is an important and safe “trick” for them to learn. It allows them to control themselves in situations where danger may present itself. Training your dog to stay can also make your life easier. For example, you may want your dog to stay put when guests are in the house. Or you may want your dog to stay put when there are lots of cars driving by. Either way, the ‘Stay’ command is a great one for your dog to learn.

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Squeaky Toys For Small Dogs

January 29th, 2008 · No Comments

Some of us drive nice cars, some of us carry exotic purses, some of us have spoil ourselves with nice shoes. Perhaps a pair of Christian Louboutins or Manolos anyone? Either way, we all have our so called “Toys” in life.  Some of us just happen to love and desire different things in life, but one things for sure, we love our toys. But what about our little babies? Those little furry babies that greet us with such happiness and excitement each time we come home. Shouldn’t they be spoiled with toys too? After all, our dogs must deserve something for bringing so much joy into our lives. We aren’t the only ones that love toys because I can guarantee you that your little fur baby loves toys just as much as we do.

soft toys for puppies

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What is a Collapsed Trachea?

January 28th, 2008 · No Comments

Since I’m on the topic of common disorders seen in toy breed dogs, I might as well touch on the subject of a Collapsed Trachea. First, lets define exactly what a trachea does. The trachea is also known to many people as a windpipe. It connects the mouth, nose and throat to the lungs. It provides the passageway for oxygen to enter the lungs when you dog inhales and for carbon dioxide to leave the body when your dog exhales. It consists of a muscle lined with semi-circular rings of cartilage as seen in the figure below. The trachea is also a semi-rigid tube that is pretty resilient to small amounts of force.

trachea anatomy

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What is a Luxating Patella?

January 24th, 2008 · No Comments

If you own a small breed dog or a toy breed dog, you may want to pay extra close attention here. This problem is most prominently seen in smaller dogs but can affect larger dogs as well. Have you ever noticed your dog running around the park and then suddenly give out a quick yelp in pain? Afterwards, your dog suddenly lifts one of their hind legs in the air and then keeping it there for a few minutes while trotting around on 3 legs. Then, after about 5 minutes, your dog puts their hind leg back on the ground and walks around like nothing happened at all. And throughout this whole ordeal you are panicking from the fact that you think your dog has just broken their leg. Actions by your dog such as these are a tell tale sign of a “Luxating Patella�.

Referencing the anatomical drawing of the knee below, the patella, femur and the tibia are the main bones that make up the knee. The patella, also known as the knee cap, slides up and down a couple of grooves at the end of the femur. As the leg muscles contract and relax and move back and forth, the patella will slide within these groves to guide the quadriceps in the correct motion. The grooves in the femur just mentioned are very important because they guide and constrict the motion of the patella to these exact grooves. You can think of this system like one of your drawers in a desk. Most drawers either move outward or inward. They can’t move up and down because the rails on the side won’t allow them to. The grooves in the femur do the exact same thing by guiding the patella in this similar manner.

anatomy of a dogs knee

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Yoga for Dogs?

January 21st, 2008 · No Comments

I mentioned in some previous blogs about dogs going to massage therapy, dog hair dressers, and dog salons. Well, that huge craze is totally last year. A new and growing craze amongst dog owners seems to be Dog Yoga, or Doga. Dog owners in England are starting to take their dogs with them to yoga classes that specifically include the owner and dog to perform yoga exercises and positions together. Many people claim that the yoga classes for dogs helps calm and soothe a dog’s mind; just like they are supposed to do to humans. When people go to yoga classes, they experience a more calm demeanor and placid like mentality. Supposedly, Doga will have the same affect on your dog. After class, your dog should feel more content and calm with their spiritual well being…if that makes sense.

yoga for dogs

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This Cupcake Dog Shirt Makes Me Hungry!

January 18th, 2008 · No Comments

We recently got in some food themed dog shirts and tank tops that are absolutely to do die for. Not only are they super cute and gorgeous, but they have stitched themes of food. Now tell me, what dog does not love food? And for your little dog to now have a picture of their favorite thing on their clothes, well that’s just something special! One of our really hot sellers right now is this Cupcake Dog Shirt. This cupcake dog shirt comes in a sweet baby blue color with beautiful ribbed lace trim from Italy. The cupcake dog shirt features the tasty looking cupcake right on the back with a nice cherry on top. The cupcake on the shirt also features silver rhinestones made to look like scrumptious sprinkles. These are flying out like hotcakes so make sure to pick up one of these ultra cute cupcake dog shirts soon.

cupcake dog shirt

This next piece of small dog clothing is also another stunning and tasteful small dog shirt. This watermelon dog shirt features a gorgeous pink patterned material with custom ruffled trim. The watermelon on the center of this watermelon dog shirt is hand knitted and features a little pocket for your dog’s favorite treats. This watermelon dog shirt is another absolute must for these tasty food themed dog clothes.

watermelon dog shirt

Last, we have another tasty dessert themed shirt with this really cute Strawberry Dog Shirt. This sweet looking strawberry dog shirt features a brown ribbed cotton material with Italian pink ruffled trim. The dog shirt also features a stitched on strawberry with sparkling silver rhinestones. This is definitely a must have piece of small dog clothes, and words cannot possibly explain how cute this will look on your dog.

strawberry dog shirt

Now that your appetites are warmed up, go out check out our entire selection of adorable dog clothes at www.swankpets.com.

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The Unconditional Love of Dogs

January 16th, 2008 · No Comments

People of all ages, sex, and ethnicities are happy owners of dogs. I don’t know the exact statistic, but I bet at least 1 in 3 families in America own a dog. So why do so many people own dogs. Why do our children beg us for a puppy every Christmas? There must be a good reason, right?

Well, for me, our dogs bring us joy, happiness and unconditional love. What other mammal on this planet will go nuts every single time you come home from a long days work. Your husband or wife probably gives you a kiss or a hug every now and then. But do they jump up and down in pure excitement from the mere fact that you just came home from work? Does your spouse lick you uncontrollably because they haven’t seen you in 8 hours? Probably not, and if they do, you might want to question you marriage decision. But I bet your dog does all the above and more every time you come home from a long days work. Or how about this. You just caught your dog chewing on the corner of your brand new couch. I’m sure we would all be pretty upset. After finding out your dog’s little mischievous course of actions, you scold your dog and send them with their head down and tail between their legs. However, I bet 5 minutes later your dog will come running up to you in complete excitement if you call their name with enthusiasm. Try doing that with a 5 year old child. You would probably get a temper tantrum and a lego in your face! That’s the beauty of the canine species. They will love you like none other and give you the greatest loyalty you will ever experience.

Every time I come home, even if I just leave for the grocery store, I can be assured to come home to wagging tails, bright open eyes, and smiles with tongues hanging out. All my dogs gather at the door as soon as I pull up to the drive way. It amazes me the kind of senses that dogs have. I swear that they can sense me coming from a block away because my fiancé says they wait at the door about 2 minutes before I even get home. Kind of eerie, but I think it’s pretty cool. Anyway, as soon as I open the door, I’m bombarded by a gang of furry little dogs all waiting to get my attention. It’s almost overwhelming, but as soon as I come home to such happy faces, no matter how bad my day went, I immediately cheer up when I see someone else so excited to see me. You see, our dogs don’t care what we’ve done in life. They don’t care if you were just laid off or if you just totaled the new car. None of that matters. The only thing that matters is that you are their owner and they love you for it.

So if you go home tonight and your dog starts to their ritual of over active tail wagging and licking, spend some extra time playing with them. Spend some extra time rubbing their belly or playing tug of war. They work hard everyday to please you, so give them a little reward for loving you so much.

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Sweat Dreams with Fleece Dog Pajamas

January 14th, 2008 · No Comments

When you prepare for bed or just feel like lounging around the house in some comfortable clothes, what do you tend to wear? Most likely your most comfortable pair of pajamas. Isn’t nice to get out of your work clothes after a long days work and get into those nice soft fleece pajamas and watch a DVD on the couch? So how about your little baby? Your four- legged friend should have a comfortable pair of fleece dog pajamas too. When you two snuggle up on the couch together, imagine being able to match each other while you wear your pajamas and your dog has their very own set of fleece dog pajamas. Luckily, Swankpets just got a whole wide selection of fleece dog pajamas and other types of small dog pajamas.

fleece dog pajamas

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Almost a Yorkie’s Last Christmas

January 10th, 2008 · No Comments

I know dog’s are known to swallow all sort of objects, which is very frightening of course. Take this one story of a Yorkie that ends up swallowing a star decoration that usually goes on top of a Christmas tree!  Supposedly, the 5 month old Yorkie named Charlie was rummaging around his owner’s Christmas decoration bin. Unfortunately, he got a hold of the star ornament. His owner initially thought a bone was stuck in her dog’s throat, but an X-Ray shows otherwise.

Yorkie eats Christmas ornament

Charlie’s owner quickly rushed him to the vet where Charlie the Yorkie was placed under general anesthesia. From there, the star ornament was removed with a pair of forceps. Charlie made a full recovery and probably now hates Christmas ornaments.

yorkie swallows christmas ornament

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Puppy Clothes and Other Essentials

January 8th, 2008 · No Comments

Many people always ask what they need to get their new puppy once they have taken them home. I’ve gone over very extensively of how to take care of a toy breed puppy, but I’ve never really dived into what sort of items you should buy  to  ensure your little puppy is happy and comfortable in their new environment. Of course, you’ll need to get the essentials such as a dog crate, puppy food, Nutri-stat, a brush, ear cleaner and what not. But these are the boring things. Don’t get me wrong, they are the essentials, but I don’t think your little puppy will be extremely ecstatic about ear cleaner medication. In fact, they’ll probably despise you for it. So what are the fun things that little toy puppies need? Well, how about that gorgeous plush new designer dog bed or all that cute small puppy clothes. How about a stunning small dog carrier to tote around you new puppy in style. Well, I’m going to show you the other essentials that a puppy needs.

For starters, everybody wants to carry their puppy around with them everywhere they go. I’ve never met anybody that didn’t bring their puppy around with them everywhere they went. And who can blame all these new puppy owners. You never want to leave your puppies side when you first bring them home so you end up bringing your little puppy with you everywhere you go. This is fine, but beware that your puppy may not have all their necessary vaccinations so be careful about who touches your puppy and where you bring your puppy. Moving on, a great way to carry your new puppy with you is with a cute and trendy puppy carrier.

cute puppy carrier

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